Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Message from Friar Alessandro Brustenghi

Letting this *PLAY ALL* will give you a taste of his love and talent!
I still have a couple of Friar Alessandro Brustenghi CD's available ... and STILL trying to decide on a CONTEST to give them away to a couple of lucky BATTLEBEADS CUSTOMERS ... won't you help? 
Put on your thinking caps or I guess I'll wind up saying the next order will receive one and I'd really rather it be something different than that :) 
ANYWAY!!!! .... Please consider Friar's CD's for Christmas presents ... he's got a WONDERFUL voice that is full of love for the Lord!! 
Please message me either here, Twitter, FaceBook or email ... all links on the right side here :) 
to those in the USA :) 


  1. Sent you an email with some ideas, but not sure you got it. You could have a knowledge contest where people couldn't Google the answers (honor system). Either do one on the Rosary, like 1. Who did the Blessed Virgin give the Rosary too? 2. When did Pope John Paul II give us the Luminous mysteries? etc. Or one on Advent and Christmas.

    1. Hi Stuart ... no! Never got an email from you so thanks for mentioning it here and thanks for helping with the contest :) Not sure if there's too much stuff that can't be googled these days though, but will put your suggestion in the mix and see what we come up with! Thanks again and blessings! :)

  2. Been spending time searching for the best Christmas greetings messages and card samples as early as now. Would like to express my love for those who've supported me the whole year round. Thanks for these . :)

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