Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Public Penance Project


Please everyone, talk to all you know, especially your Bishops and priests … I've been trying to get this going for years (Originally posted 2010.). We need to beg mercy and call down grace to strengthen and sanctify the clergy and faithful. With all the scandal for so long in the Church along with the progressives and liberals, we need to act quickly and storm heaven to mitigate what will surely befall us shortly from our complacency and arrogance. ADDENDUM: 5/7/15 - This still hasn't taken off ... I knew it was needed 5 yrs ago and here we are things are so much worse. Hold your newspaper in one hand and your Bible in the other folks!

VISIT Jesus in the Tabernacle ... if you don't think He's REALLY THERE, you have no business receiving Holy Communion!!! He who eats the Flesh of the Son of Man and drinks His Blood UNWORTHILY calls down condemnation upon himself!

Beginning with Bishops to lead by example and backed up by all clergy and faithful; we need to begin a movement of at least a quarter hour a week of PUBLIC PENANCE.
15 minutes of CONTRITE PROSTRATE PRAYER in front of the Blessed Sacrament. If we do not beg mercy and grace for strength, conversions and in reparation …. our future will be our own doing.

Pray for your Bishops, priests and all clergy!
May the Holy Spirit renew the initial objective:

If you have a blog .. PLEASE put this up on it ... make flyers, phone calls,
talk to people ... let's get this NATIONWIDE before it's TOO LATE!!!
(Initially asked to get it going before it's year of Priests and year of Mercy ended :-( )
Check back here for updates and info. God bless!

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