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Please include these intentions in your daily prayers:
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Please keep Justin in your prayers he's needing help prioritize his life and rekindle his Faith.

 Been battling pneumonia since the 13th. 911 to the ER on the 16th for IV antibiotics, xrays, blood work to confirm. Sent home with z pack .... was doing a little better Tuesday, but seem to have relapsed. PCP ordered another z pack and some codeine cough syrup so feeling a little more on the upswing now ... wouldn't be too bad without the hacking cough, loss of breath and oxygen tubes following me all over lol  ... oh yeah and the lethargy .. but no better week to be sick to offer it up with the passion of Jesus ;)

Carl's been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This in addition to his ICD implant, diabetes and other ailments. He's going to undergo Whipple Surgery and is lucky to be able to have this surgery, only 20% can they say in his shoes. He's going to have a very long hard climb. They say it takes the better part of a year to come back from Whipple surgery, let alone what he'll have to go through with chemo, et al. Thank you in advance for all your prayerful help! 

"I'm asking everyone to pray for a very healthy delivery and birth for our daughter Rosie Marie's baby, due near the end of this month of March or early April.
She had a C-section 3 yrs ago with their first baby boy, Tomas - who Praise the Lord is very healthy, loving, & lively!!! And he really likes Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph with all his carpenter's tools.
Now Rose Marie & Tony are trying for a normal birth with a good woman Obstetrician-midwife team.
May their new baby be blessed with very good health no matter what health challenges Baby's Mom is undergoing right now.
I am TRUSTING THE LORD& Our Blessed MOTHER MARY, that Both Parents be blessed with a strong infilling & overflowing desire & ability & STRENGTH from the HOLY SPIRIT to rapidly BAPTIZE BOTH their babies ! I'm praying fora very wonderful loving Holy Priest to be prepared by the Holy Trinity, Holy Family, Holy Angels and Saints, to baptize both their children soon. Amen.
Kathy B." 

2/9/14, My health issues continue to increase and get complicated making it necessary for me to totally rely on the Lord being I cannot leave the house for tests or treatment unless an emergency. Please hold me in your prayers that He sustains me for His honor and glory that I might do His Will and see His goodness in the land of the living.

5/31/11, Urgent prayer request::: Jadon, was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago. He has had 2 chemo treatments and has come down with an overwhelming infection. He is in the ICU at a local Children’s Hospital. He has had internal bleeding and went into cardiac arrest for 15 minutes before they got him back. He is on a ventilator. read more: 

12/16/10, Please offer rosaries for Nicholas 20yrs old, he is seriously ill and in need of a bone marrow donor.

12/3/10, Please keep Kim a nurse in NJ in your prayers. She's in a coma after sudden aneurism surgery. She was a joy to all her patients who need her back if it be God's Will.

12/1/10, At the request of a Facebook friend - We are asking everyone to say a prayer for the US "Darkhorse" 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and their families. They are fighting it out in Afghanistan and have lost 9 Marines in 4 days. Please re-post this. IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE IT ON EVERYONE'S PAGE!!.... Even if its only for... an hour, come on guys... SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!!! They keep us safe.

11/11/10, Please pray for Garry and his wife Kim ... speedy recovery, strength and restoration to good health ... also their family and friends. 

10/8/10, Tristan Drake Molby was born April 8, 2010 with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.
He and his family need us to STORM HEAVEN for this little sweetie. Please pray as often as you think of him throughout the day .. MUCH prayer is needed along with supplication. Info and Updates:

From the Paul Stefan Foundation:, 10/5/010
A resident at the home wanted to leave yesterday and have an abortion. Fast reaction by staff and connection with counselors calmed the storm for now but this women and her baby needs lots of prayers now. Please pray that she will recognize the sanctity of life and bring this to full term. 
Update: 10/6/10 Thanks so much for your prayers. The young women has been in touch with family and God's mighty hand has done a marvelous work. She will remain at the home until after the baby is born and then has been invited to come live with a family member. Keep praying that she will stay this course and bring
the baby to term. 

miceal, 9/28/10
I continue to knock at the door of Jesus' heart asking that my Mum's memory
will improve ; I know I have already asked for your prayers and you very
kindly said 'yes' ; once again I knock at the door of your heart and ask you
of your charity to pray once again.............and I shall pray for you

Patrick Madrid, 9/28/10
Urgent prayer request! A friend of ours named Ron went hunting yesterday and never came home. My wife and his wife are travelling together today. When she called home to check in, her 10 year old daughter told her that Ron has been gone since he left yesterday. Things are being mobilized right now to start searching for him. Please pray. Thanks.
Update - 9/29/10 Patrick Madrid Okay, I now have a solid update for you. It turns out that Ron's 20' fall from the tree stand broke his hip (not leg, as originally thought) and a few ribs. He came out of surgery about two hours ago and seems to be doing well. I think the ...big worry right now is the danger of pneumonia, especially since he was exposed to the elements, including rain, and with no food or water, for about 24 hours. Anyway, the report we got today is all positive, and it looks like they will be sending him home to mend in a few days.
I mentioned to Ron's wife Maria that all of you have been praying for him, and she was really touched and grateful and asked me to tell you that. 

Elizabeth, 9/28/10
For job.
Please continue to pray for my mother. .she has your general older-age aches
and pains and neuropathy in her feet -- so that is bothersome.
I also wanted to ask for prayers for my brother, we are really concerned
about his weight -- as it is effecting his health. My father had heart
disease and ultimately died from the disease later in life -- so you can
imagine our concerns.
Finally, my 17 year old niece has been learning to drive and was involved in
a minor accident. I am praying that nothing more comes of it -- in terms of
any problems for the people involved with the accident and / or my sister's
family and any type of lawsuit or monetary claims. 

Mary, 9/28/10
grace, health & mobility enough to recognize God's Will and carry it out

Greg, 9/28/10
I am very ill with Crohn's disease and the inflammation caused by the
disease in my intestinal track for the last 30 years. I am not feeling well
and trying my best to take care of my wife and 3 kids; both spirutually and
financially. It has been very difficult.

Donna, 9/28/10
Please pray for my niece that has nodular thyroiditis. She had a biopsy
that showed abnormal cells. The MD said it might be cancer. Please pray
that it not be cancer also that she have a successful surgery/radiation
treatment. also please pray for me. I have hypertension for 30 years. I
am 59 years old. It has caused congestive heart failure, and chronic kidney
disease. I also have very high cholesterol. Please pray for complete
healings for my niece and I.

please i ask for urgent pray for my husband children and i, please offer
prayer that the good Lord grant my wish that my marriage and family unit be
saved, bring us closer to you dear God and please remove all the blockages
and outside influences, I leave this in your care.


  1. Please keep Charlie J in your prayers to quickly get over a nasty stomach virus so he can continue his wonderful blog!

  2. Please keep Bill C in your kind prayers. On the 11th he'll have his 4th lung cancer operation and this time they won't be able to use the laser. He's in his 80's and a long time friend of mine. Please also keep his wife in your prayers as well. She is dealing with her own medical issues as well. Healing, peace, blessings and comfort to them both. May God's perfect Will be done in all and May Bills surgery be successful with a speedy and comfortable recovery, in Jesus' Name.

  3. Please keep my brother in law Norman, and one of my older sisters, Mary in your prayers for Lung Cancer..The treatments are wearing down their Heart Muscles and my other brother in law, Richard who is suffering from Renal Failure..


    CARL ::::
    He's down to 181lbs from 242, but his vitals seem stable thank God .. he's still unsteady on his feet and weakened ... must use a walker, but may be home on the 12th. Please pray his strength returns and that VNA get more help cuz we're sure gonna need it!
    BILL ::::
    His swelling has gone down and he was sitting up and talking ...he's not out of the woods but things seem to be on the upswing smile emoticon
    :::: ROBIN :::: she's been in and out of hospitals and is critically ill .. presently battling kidneys shutting down, pneumonia and a few other things
    ::::: LOLIE ::::: This lady has had a very hard life and has been chronically ill with major ailments for well over 20 yrs, heart, diabetes and much more ... somehow she is sustained with little help ... also in and out of hospitals, numerous operations ... so very much to pray for ... I thank you so much for your continued help ... sometimes my shoulders get very strained. *HUGS*
    :::: ROY ::::
    Home a month after a stroke and open heart surgery ... surgeons unable to completely repair his aorta and he's not been feeling very well lately .. please keep him in your kind prayers along with Jenny, his wife ...

  5. I am asking for a healing pray for my daughter who's 9 experiencing spitting of blood for the past three years. I have been to the Agape House Trinidad and Tobago last Easter of 2015 looking and seeking guidance and prayers, it stopped for a while and only just started again this year of 2016 on days 15/02/16,22/02/16 and 24/02/16 I
    am asking kindly and sincerely please pray for her C. Williams I would like her to have a comfortable life and to continue her education etc
    I asked this in JESUS name AMEN

  6. Please hold James and his family in your kind prayers and let's storm heaven for his healing according to the Divine Will!

    Hello to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. My name is Karl William Fischer and I attended two youth power invasion missions trips in 2012 and 2013. Today I am calling upon your help and prayer. My 18 year old brother James Fischer was involved in a severe car accident last night at 9:00 PM. He is now in critical condition. He has suffered severe brain trauma, a broken neck, severe spinal injury, multiple broken ribs, and two broken hips. We are being told that he will never walk again, he may not retrieve his upper body functions, and he may never wake up. That is what a doctor of this world told my family as we cried out to God in my brother's hospital room. I believe in the doctors of heaven who are at war with the legions of hell. I have churches around the state of NJ praying for him but it is not enough. I need your help. Please spread the word about my brother and help us restore him. Focus your prayers on his brain, neck, and spine. I am begging you, cry out to God and pray for the restoration of my brother.
    I am forever in your debt.

  7. Natalie Dotson, a young petit, beautiful Navajo child, through an error on the doctors' part is in a coma.

    Pray for her restoration to perfect health and the innocence of childhood. Thank-you!

  8. Please pray for my healing of Vertigo symptoms. I have been home since September . I have rediscovered my faith and have begun to pray the rosary daily. God bless you all and thank you.

  9. Dear Lord
    Please help my daughter Jessica she is suffering with chroanes disease and cannot find a doctor who will help her. Please dear Lord have her find a doctor that cares and that will do something to take away her pain. Please help her Lord in building a happy life for her and her future husband.


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