Saturday, November 17, 2012

Olive Wood Beads Arrived!

I finally received the olive wood beads from Jerusalem! They are VA VA VA VOOM GORGEOUS! :) Well worth waiting for! I'll be ordering more from this source for sure! The initial order will only provide for about a dozen rosaries, so if you're at all interested, let me know. I have some beautiful olive wood centers and Crucifixes to go with them too if you want a complete 'look' :) 

I have an abundance of black onyx and hematite semi precious stones that are itching to be turned into someone's family heirloom rosary! 

Don't forget, BattleBeads isn't just silver and gold plated ... it's also Sterling Silver, Gold & Silver Filled, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Crystal, Pearls so much more! 

And, if it says STERLING SILVER from BattleBeads, you can be CERTAIN that EVERY SINGLE PART IS STERLING, not just the Crucifix and center, like many other sellers!!!! 

Thought I would show you just how beautiful they are ... 

Christmas is coming ... let's design that perfect gift together! :) 

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