Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where's your heart???

Richard Dawkins seems to be exerting a lot of energy and staking an awful LOT on a "PROBABLY".
He stands in front of a big red bus that has a large sign which reads: "There's  probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."  Doesn't seem too bright to me to exert that much energy defending a notion that you PROBABLY believe and be willing to bet your eternal soul on it in the process. I have to wonder where these folks get their motivation.

Were they from the 'old school' and perhaps a nun smacked their knuckles with a ruler in the 50's and they've held that animosity all these years? All I know is in the 50's and 60's when teachers in general were able to discipline and parents generally went a long with it, within reason, that there were no shootings or stabbings in schools and the teen suicide rate in itself was MUCH lower. Hmmm .. perhaps prayer in schools and the 10 Commandments in public government had something to do with values and morals .. ya think?
But, I digress.

So now, Dawkins and Hitchens want to arrest the Holy Father when he steps foot in the UK after a state invitation. Absolutely friggin' amazing! Will they do this before or after they have Obama arrested for all the crimes and evils that members of congress have done as well?? Oh! My mistake, that must have been Bush's fault, right?? How far will pride, arrogance and hatred take a person? Truly it IS a poison and infectious malady unto itself! We know the Holy Father has much to suffer being the Leader of the One, True, Holy and Apostolic Church that Jesus founded .. but these times, I believe are history in the making and prophecy unfolding before our very eyes. Please ... all need to pray and do penance for Benedict XVI, that he "may not flee for fear of the wolves"! 

It seems to me that folks that vehemently dispute the existence of God have much deeper issues than they perhaps are willing to admit even to themselves. It appears that their extreme disdain for all things holy and almighty stems rather from pride, hatred and arrogance than a true philosophical factually based conclusion of which they have a shred of evidence.

These are one of the largest groups of folks that we must pray for. I believe it's their past hurts and recently constructed emotional walls that wraps them in the kind of pride that doesn't permit them to seriously consider that they might be wrong. After all .. there are literally just TWO choices. You either believe there IS a God and act accordingly, or you don't. I, for one, like to err on the side of caution.

It makes more sense to me to believe and search out the Truth and origins and live my life accordingly so that when I die and I have to face God, I can look forward to a loving and merciful Father that I have known all my life rather than be shaking in my boots and saying "OOPS" when I must face the King of kings who's going to judge me on my pride and arrogance in refusing to accept Him after being presented with the Truth.
Now those that don't believe will say to me .. "and if there IS NO GOD, then you've done it all for nothing while you could have had *FUN*" .. hmm, really??

Well .. let's see ... Is it better to believe and there BE nothing (you lived a good life and helped those you could and if you're now dead and gone, you don't even KNOW it!)
*OR* you live your life doing as you please and justifying all your actions saying there's NO GOD and then you have to FACE HIM and *try* to explain? Who's better off? What's the better choice here, folks?
We can't fool the Lord of Creation Who reads mans hearts! We may fool others and even sometimes ourselves, but we cannot fool the One that can neither lie or BE lied TO!

So here it is .. the average person will exert more energy and effort in searching out the best prices for vacation packages and other equally erroneously superficial pleasures and extravagances, than he will to find the TRUTH that is the ONLY thing that REALLY matters in life. Most live as if this is ALL THERE IS, with *eternity* being  the 'illusion'.

There are a number of people who would not think of gambling on anything for any amount of money or for any reason. Yet, they are willing to stake their eternal existence on a bet. The bet is that God will think that they are good enough to be let into His kingdom or better yet, that God doesn't even exist, so they don't even have to worry about it. These people would not even consider a speculative investment but they refuse to invest in the only endeavor that will pay an eternal reward. They refuse to exert any energy to seriously find out the TRUTH which will effect their very existence. They have heard the truth and they even know the price, but they refuse to respond.

My heart breaks for them ... please PRAY FOR CONVERSIONS, that NONE BE LOST!!!

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
~Luke 12:34 & Matt 6:21 4/14/10

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