Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Saints Day 2012

In a very real sense, both Feasts–All Saints; All Souls could are like Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Day in Church Life. This is a Mass of remembrance so we can give thanks to God for the lives of those who have labored in our behalf as colleagues, family and friends with joyful triumph. This is a time for us to remember and celebrate those who still touch our lives in many different ways. They are "invisible onlookers" as we continue noble traditions they’ve bequeathed to us. We gather here today because of their faith. 

Each year we have this opportunity to recall the ones who believed, preached, taught and lived the Gospel. You and I have FAITH, because they were faith-filled; faithful. We are here because they gathered together vast experience over many years, and many of them tough years of hardships, low salaries, sacrifices, self-denial. Some of those years had seasons when the fields bore no fruit, and when needed rain was scarce and the harvest was scant, the budget meager, and paying bills a virtual nightmare. Yet, they didn’t give up Faith. They passed it on to us. 
Some of those whom we remember today, and whose lives we render thanks to God for, lived through the depression and the lean years of soup and bread lines, wars in Europe, the deserts, remote mountains, on the seas, islands, in the air and in jungles. Some of them lived through the years of a broken and splintered church, a church who struggled and continues to struggle with the compelling and critically important issues of race, ethnicity, gender and justice. Some of our Saints lived through and survived a period of a hostile and divided nation, and yet they kept faith, and labored toward the day when their faith would be their eyesight.
Remember the saints in your lives who have given your life meaning and purpose, and given you the ability to believe in yourself and to believe in God. We believe in the communion of saints who gather with us at the Lord's table today. Jesus reminds us through all the Beatitudes that we try to live, "Where two or three are gathered in my name, I will be among them." Name your saints, and render to God thanksgiving for their faith. May we be united with them today.
Not too far from here, we’ve seen how millions of people will need to re-build their lives. Some of us may have suffered some losses. This hasn't anything to do with the degree of loss...ANY loss is great. Many will be starting over from scratch. Faith is a very important component in life. Faith must be what gives us eyesight. Let’s pray that today can be a reminder that we’ve each been given a lot more than we might normally think deal with life’s bumpy roads. Our Saints may be with the Lord above, as they deserve that reward, but they, and many others like them now, are with us here below!

This was, I think, sent to me in error ... but I wanted to pass it on ... it remains anonymous because I'm not exactly sure of the source.

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