Monday, December 12, 2011

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe


On December 12 we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Virgin Mary appeared to humble native American,Juan Diego, on December 9, 1531 in Tepeyac Hill, a hill northwest of what is now Mexico City. She identified herself as the Holy Mary, Mother of the True God for whom we live, of the Creator of all things, Lord of heaven and the earth. The signs -- of the roses, of the uncle miraculously cured of a deadly illness, and especially of her beautiful image called tilma on Juan's mantle -- convinced the people there was something to be considered in Christianity. Within a short time, six million Native Mexicans had themselves baptized as Christians. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe which was imprinted on the tima, a poor quality cactus-cloth, which should have deteriorated in 20 years shows no sign of decay 475 years later and still defies all scientific explanations of its origin.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is God's very special gift to America at the very beginning of the New World. It was a very special way through which Divine Providence started the incarnation of the gospel in the New World. God would not allow the gospel to become an instrument of colonization and through Guadalupe would assure that the gospel would continue to heal, liberate and unite all peoples of this hemisphere. This new unity of peoples will be America's true gift toward the formation of a real world community.

Please pray a special rosary today for
the protection of the unborn!

Novena in Honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe for the Unborn
Prayer for Husbands and Wives
Prayer for Our Lady of Guadalupe
Morning Offering
Short Prayer for Our Lady of Guadalupe

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