Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Second Miracle CONFIRMED for Sister Marianne Cope

From my friend Adelaide in Denmark who keeps me informed on all things concerning miracles ... please keep her and her dear son Bruno in your daily prayers! :)

The cause for sainthood of Blessed Hawaiian nun Marianne Cope has received Vatican approval of a second miracle. A group of doctors from the Vatican's Congregation for Causes of Saints declared there is no medical explanation for the cure of a woman who was on her deathbed and made a miraculous recovery.

No other details on the case have been released.

Before moving to Hawaii in 1883 to help care for those suffering with leprosy, Marianne Cope worked as a member of the Sisters of St. Francis in Syracuse, New York. Her cause for beatification has been taken up there.

The miracle approved on June 16 must undergo two more examinations by theologians and a group of cardinals before being presented to the pope for approval. She could then be declared a saint. 

from: Romereports.com 

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