Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get OFF the Soap Boxes and Get ON YOUR KNEES!!!

From the get go, I've said PRAYER AND PENANCE.... PRAYER AND PENANCE! This is how we, a third of the communion of saints, should handle problems in and outside of the Church. Either way, Father Corapi can continue on after this. My hope is that his faculties will be restored, but God's Ways are not our ways ... so we pray and wait. There's no need for any bashing and frankly, I'm glad Michael spoke out to keep us in check ... it needed to be done. Just as we find ways to JUSTIFY our sins to make us more comfortable, it's all too easy to find others flaws and ways to pick someone apart and point fingers.  
If we have to make someone else look worse than us to make us feel a little better about the lives WE OURSELVES LEAD .. HOW VERY SAD FOR US!!!!!!!!!


  1. Spot on!! Prayer is the answer. God Bless.

  2. Thanks Teresa ... We need to pray for all involved and all clergy ... and we have to try to spread the Public Penance Program. God bless!