Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Am Catholic! I Cannot Go To Hell!

My Dear People,

Like Many Cultural Catholics, She Lived All the Pagan Values of Today’s SocietyGloria Polo-Ortiz, a speaker from Columbia SA, shared her near death experience with us a few years ago. She told us of having been struck dead by lightening. Leaving her body, she felt herself rising toward the heavens. Before she reached the eternal light of Heaven, she began to fall backwards into the darkness. Even though she had been baptized and raised Catholic, she never actually embraced or lived her faith. In fact, like many cultural Catholics, she live all the pagan values of today’s society. She never went to confession, and used her faith to promote her professional needs. As she fell closer to Hell, she kept crying out, “I am Catholic, I cannot go to Hell, I went to Church. I performed good deeds.”

As she approached the mouth of Hell, she was suddenly snatched up by an angel and returned to her body. Later, she was shown by Our Lord, that a poor peasant farmer had sacrificed some of his food money to have a mass offered for her soul. Jesus told her that she would have fallen completely into the fires of Hell, had it not been for this man’s heroic merciful act of love for her. This is sobering to say the very least. The Gospel tells us that those who lived pagan lives, and call out, “Lord, Lord”, begging for help, will encounter his Divine Justice. Don’t wait until your deathbed to repent. Convert your lives while there is still time. Live God’s Mercy TODAY!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark Bozada

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