Friday, January 7, 2011

Who's teaching WHAT to WHOM?

So very true ... bad teaching is often much worse than NO teaching at all. We have deep within us, albeit sometimes hiding, a sense of right and wrong according to the perfect Will of God. Along with that of course, we also were given free will which we often confuse as FREEDOM when it's really just LICENSE to sin more comfortably.
But, through the decades since prayer was removed from schools and God was taken out of public offices, we have seen the very CORE of HUMAN CIVILIZATION begin to ROT and spread like a cancer among us.

Todays generation has very little sense of right and wrong, values, morals, scruples and instead, they demand their RIGHTS, RIGHT NOW, 'cuz they have places to go and people to see ... so hurry up and cater to their every whim. They know not how to weigh the long term against the momentary pleasure. The thought of sacrifice for another is laughable to many and foreign to most. The only thing that matters to many is the fulfillment of their instant gratification with as little effort as possible. No wonder not much holds value anymore. Things are so much more appreciated and respected when we actually put forth some effort or sacrifice to obtain them or bring them to fruition.

Sadly, the teaching of the Faith has been less than the FULL DEPOSIT which was passed down from the Apostles. So many have taken it upon themselves to not only water it down to make folks MORE COMFORTABLE, but have actually changed the content and intent of treasured TRUTHS totally disregarding the words of St. Paul who admonished us not to follow any other doctrines other than what was given directly from Jesus, lest we condemn ourselves. I guess folks have forgotten that part, huh?

Whether or not Jesus returns in our lifetime is irrelevant ... our own ends will come soon enough for each one of us and we will stand before Jesus. How will we explain that golfing, football, our jobs, hobbies, vacations and all the other STUFF we put before Him left us no time for Church or Adoration or even PRAYER? WHY are we not clamoring to learn all we can of Him? Why is it we give more time, effort, thought and feeling in deciding what we will wear to work tomorrow than how to better love the One that gave His ALL to save us as well as our very next breath? How will we even be able to look Him in the eye let alone answer Him?

If you take the time to find out WHAT is being taught at CCD, in school and hold your priests, bishops and religious accountable for passing on the FULL AND TRUE DEPOSIT OF FAITH as we ALL SHOULD, then when that day comes, you will be able to stand before Him more comfortably. If your children, those you love and yourselves are not well versed in the Faith that we are ALL CALLED to evangelize they you best get with the program folks without much further ado. There is NO EXCUSE today for not knowing your ABC's when it comes to the Faith. The amount of information available, literally at your fingertips, is astounding. It takes very little effort to type or or or or - so DO IT ... JUST DO IT!
We all need to be SURE we KNOW the FULL & TRUE DEPOSIT OF FAITH.

Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi
Dunno what this means?? Look it up! Or drop me a line and I'll tell you ..
but you'll remember it better if you get the answer yourself! :)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT from St.Ambrose of Milan:
"Even the heretics appear to have Christ, for none of them denies the name of Christ. Yet, anyone who does not confess all that pertains to Christ does in fact deny Christ."

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