Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who's Minding the Church??

Those of us that have been around for 50 plus years can reach back to the recesses of our somewhat now feeble minds and recall when the Roman Catholic Church in America was, without question, THE leading authority in Faith and Morals because she didn't waiver and stood strong as she steadfastly taught and disseminated the Faith to the faithful.
Today ... um, not so much.

We unfortunately have many fully professed individuals (I'm being charitable in identifying those people who have taken vows which include OBEDIENCE, formerly known as priests and nuns.) in the Church today that are not only more concerned with their popularity, position and pockets than their predecessors, but now blatantly not only oppose, but also thrust their OWN OPINIONS on the vulnerable and unsuspecting under the guise of CCD programs, bible studies, formation programs and a myriad of other equally specious endeavors including Catholic counseling.

The Bishops REALLY NEED to get with the program and we need to ask those that aren't WHY they aren't and we need to applaud and support those that are because they're in for a very rough ride and need all the prayers and support they can get. HOW can the Bishops and priests and yes, even the nuns sleep at night when they are fully aware they are out of compliance with ROME? Do they forget the Scripture that talks about those that have received much, much will be expected? Do they think the Bible speaks of FIGS HERE OR WHAT??

I find it really irritating that satan has such a strong foothold these days, even though we know WHO wins in the end.
We NEED to ask our priests and Bishops their views on current social issues that are being shoved down our throats by the liberal left ... and there's MANY of those in the Church today that need to be called to account for their actions or GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE and do their own thing apart from THE CHURCH THAT JESUS FOUNDED.

There's too many folks today that really believe they are "good Catholics" and they can't tell you the first thing about the Faith, so why WOULDN'T they believe someone with a collar or a veil? It's up to those of us that have taken the time to LEARN and try to KNOW OUR GOD BETTER to (in CHARITY) set the others straight. If we permit others to stay in their sins, then we too are guilty of sin!

I have to shake my head today when I hear so many profess their LOVE FOR GOD when they can't even make it to Church once a week and on holy days. That's the BARE MINIMUM folks! If we LOVE someone, we want to learn all we can about them, we talk about them to anyone that will listen .. we want to be WITH them ... we DESIRE a close intimacy with them.  


There are CATHOLIC SCHOOLS that are handing out condoms! There are Catholic agencies and hospitals that tell women it's OK to have an ABORTION! Do you talk with your children about what they are taught either in a parochial school or CCD classes? If you're in adult formation, are you certain that that which is being taught IS in fact in communion with the Magisterium? If you're not sure ... you better GET SURE. One way you can do this is to get a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. If you just can't get yourself to read through it, you can at least look up the items you aren't sure of and have a better idea of what REALLY is TRUE. 
If you are not a reader, go to Father Corapi's website and have a look through his CD or DVD specials ... some are very reasonable. There's MANY good resources online if you take a few moments and expend some small effort to ENHANCE YOUR FAITH. After all, it's going to be with you FOREVER, unlike your body and all the THINGS of this earth ... very sad that our Faith is always last on the list IF it makes the list at all! 

Anyway ... please talk to all you know about what they know and what you SHOULD all know and what your priests, et al are telling you. Be certain that it IS according to the one TRUE Faith that was passed down from Jesus to the apostles to us here today. Your life DOES depend on it.

Do we KNOW, really KNOW the treasure that was given to us?
If we did, we would sell all we have and buy the field with the pearl of great price and guard it with our very lives.
And yanno what folks?
In the days ahead, we just MAY be called to DO JUST THAT!

UPDATE: 1/5/11

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