Thursday, January 6, 2011

Identity and Pride and (dis)Obedience ... OH MY!

Today more than ever, we must believe the promise of our dear Lord when He said that the gates of hell will NOT PREVAIL against His Church. Let us all pray to increase our Faith as we look around at our world, countries, states, cities and parishes! What was unthinkable 40-50 years ago has become common place today and if you don't don't hold hands with it or crawl into bed with it, well then ... YOU ARE SOWING DISCORDANT SEEDS BROTHER!!!
God help us to hold on to the TRUE DEPOSIT of Faith that was handed down from the Apostles .. that which St. Paul spoke of when he admonished all to hold fast to what was taught by him and the other apostles in Scripture and Tradition. He reminds us not to deviate from that which was taught even if an angel from heaven were to tell us differently ... LET HIM BE ANATHAMA!

All the professed KNOW this stuff .... HOW can they cast it aside and sleep? They have forgotten their true IDENTITY ... CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, grafted into the Vine by the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Himself by the Will of the Father and the Power of the Holy Spirit! The old boy is sure doing the happy dance of joy these days when he sees how he's transformed the Church and many of the Bishops and Church hierarchy. This is not to say there are not some faithful clergy left ... praise God there most surely are, but they need our prayers and support desperately.

Right from the fall, PRIDE has been there rearing its ugly head with its beguiling grin and insidious agenda. It's job is fairly easy though because it targets one of the basest areas of human nature. So many of the clergy have been caught up in the turmoil of pride and all the 'perks' a *WIN* brings along with it. They are more concerned of being LIKED BY MAN than LOVED BY GOD. Perhaps they have long forgotten the joy that makes you want to burst when you give praise in deep prayer to Him Who has given His ALL to His creatures.

Of course, when humans feel that THEIR way is BETTER, the next thing to follow is naturally disOBEDIENCE, hence not following Rome, changing liturgical text and procedure, permitting animals, clowns and other things around the altar during Mass, hiding sin in all its forms, supporting sin in all its forms, et al. Pointing fingers does no good, anyone with half a brain can see the problem is there. What is needed is prayer and penance for these servants of God that they return to their vows, renew their Faith and make a good Confession INCLUDING their sins of OMISSION along with all the rest.

We as faithful lay need to take up the cause to pray for our priests and all clergy. Pray too that those in seminary will be formed RIGHTLY by holy men in the way of the apostles and martyrs, not in the way of the world and satan's relative, I'm OK/you're OK religion.
Our Lady has told us that there's NOTHING that the ROSARY can't FIX! WHY are there ANY that isn't doing this? Are our days SO busy that we can't give 20 minutes to our most compassionate Mother as she asks?
We spend more time with our hobbies, on foolishness and sinfulness than we do with GOD *WHOM WE SAY WE LOVE*. He HAS to be merciful and loving because He sure has PATIENCE to put up with the likes of the human race after all He's done for us. Especially in the USA.
Is it any wonder why it's going to hell in a handbasket now? We kill babies and our old folks, support sacrilege, accept anything that comes down the pike so we don't offend anyone, etc., etc., etc.!

PICK UP YOUR ROSARIES AND START PRAYING ... LOOK AT THE WORLD, what more do you need to wake you up? Take it seriously folks, cuz FOREVER IS A LONG, LONG TIME!

Don't have a rosary??

Imitation of Christ: Book 1, Chapter 18
Outwardly they suffered want, but within they were refreshed with grace and Divine consolation. They were aliens to the world; they seemed as nothing and the world despised them; but they were precious and beloved in the sight of God. They persevered in true humility, they lived in simple obedience, they walked in charity and patience, and so every day they advanced in spirit and gained great favor with God. They were given for example to all religious, and ought more to excite us to advance in good, than the number of lukewarm to induce us to grow remiss. Oh! how great was the fervor of all religious in the beginning of their holy institute! Oh, how great was their devotion in prayer, how great was their zeal for virtue! How vigorous the discipline that was kept up, what reverence and obedience, under the rule of the superior, flourished in all! Their traces that remain still bear witness, that they were truly holy and perfect men who did battle so stoutly, and trampled the world under their feet. Now, he is thought great who is not a transgressor; and who can, with patience, endure what he has undertaken. Ah, the lukewarmness and negligence of our state! that we soon fall away from our first fervor, and are even now tired with life, from slothfulness and tepidity. Oh that advancement in virtue be not quite asleep in thee, who has so often seen the manifold examples of the devout!

1John 5:4 ~ "For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that overcomes the world, OUR FAITH."

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