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The recent news that a third part of the "1990 prophecy" was released is interesting in light of what this alleged revelation says about the rise of evil.

"Only those in union with God will be able to see in the darkness which so many expected and that already is upon the earth," states one part of it, released earlier this week (the first such message since 2004).

"In union with God comes all protection, as the dark spirits are now allowed to materialize in full due to the pretense and aspirations of man."

Actually there have been two much lesser additions to the prophecy, one of which in 2008 said simply that "When you see the great smoke rise, know that Satan will have touched the earth."

That's riveting because we see in our society just that: while many have watched during the past few decades as darkness crept onto the scene -- in the culture, in politics, in religion -- the message was stating that it has now fully settled around us and that furthermore it has been "allowed to materialize in full" due to the arrogance of man (which had been warned about in the previous missives).

That "fullness" implies a direct, in-your-face evil, the likes of which are now seen with the sudden rise of certain occult-powered pop stars, incredibly blasphemous art (a recent museum exhibit in Phoenix took desecration of Jesus to new heights, or rather depths), wide-open sexual transgression, and real glimmerings of persecution.

Indeed, attacks on Catholicism have spread around the globe, are intensifying, and have an open avenue created by the sex-abuse crisis -- which was part of a master plan by the devil to weaken Church credibility, which means Church authority.

In addition to tempting many priests into perverse behavior, forces of darkness have also caused what we believe have been false accusation -- charges of abuse many decades ago based in some cases on "repressed memories" -- a phenomenon that is now in doubt by psychologists who argue that awful events of the past are not forgotten but rather focused upon in a person's memory.

Indeed, a number of priests have been exonerated of late, while others seem baffled by abuse claims that in some instances go back to the 1960s or even 1950s, just as many claim "repressed memory" of bizarre phenomena such as UFO abduction.

Those wishing to replace Christianity and its Mother Church with a New Age spirituality now have what is too close to being an upper hand. As never before, people in and outside of organized religion are looking for a "broader" way of viewing God, and that broader non-religious way more often than not turns in the direction of pagan-style ideals that bring God to us, instead of us to Him -- forming the Creator into a mere part (an epoxy) of the Creation.

In droves, young Catholics and other Christians are forsaking Church marriage and opting for ceremonies that exclude anything that smacks of the sacred -- ridiculing the sacraments and rituals of a Church that due to scandal has only a weakened clergy to defend them.

A recent study found that nearly one in four see a Distant God that "booted up the universe, then left humanity alone," in the words of one news article.

While certain standards of this New Age approach speak of love and caring for others as the important goals in life -- as they are, and as Christianity is supposed to teach (above even rituals) -- the end result of this new feel-good and neutral spirituality ends up placing Man at the center and diminishing the role not only of saints, not only of Christ, but of God Himself.

The forerunner is England, where one researcher says that young people only seek a religious perspective on “rare occasions” and that when they do, they often "make do" with a "very faded, inherited cultural memory of Christianity in the absence of anything else." Among "infrequent churchgoers" -- which is the large majority -- "forty-three per cent said they did not know what to think about God," says another survey.

This is darkness. It is darkness when a priest is arrested for a private Mass in Saudi Arabia -- while Muslims are given every right and more in what were Christian nations. It is darkness when the Catholic Church is portrayed as archaic (in the negative sense).

In the name of modernity -- and altruism -- many think they are evolving toward a more sophisticated spirituality, when they are simply falling into time-honored snares of paganism. "The way I see it, the sexual abuse crisis itself is an indication that the very tradition Pope Benedict is defending is in need of a major transformation," noted one commentator, a former Catholic, this week. "The theology that supported our spirituality in the past is fast dwindling in significance and cannot be resuscitated. Informed and observant people know this. They know that people cannot live a harmonious spirituality based on a theology that is bankrupt. It is time for the Church to move forward by listening to modern theologians, to ecologists, to women, and thereby incorporating within itself a more positive sexual morality and a more tolerant and inclusive spirituality."

Such feelings have become widespread and are now very noticeable in North America.

Religion, they say, has only created bigots. In fact, lack of love in religion -- and harsh judgment -- are an issue.

The problem: a God-neutral religion devoid of Christ's teaching virtually always comes with the feeling of evil, although it hides well at first. The New Age is also ancient -- going back to the Garden. The very Hebrew word for "serpent" is linked with the word "hiss" and "to whisper a magic spell." This is the New Age: magic (without Jesus). Others are trying to spin Christianity in a new fashion. Whatever the case, the Church must realize that it is in a very weakened state and go back to its roots, which means it must place exorcism and exercise of true spiritual power above institutionalized formulas and the musings of theology.

On December 3, 1990, an unusual locution received during a dream yielded remarkable alleged prophecies of the future. Known as the "1990 prophecy," it was received by a person who has steadfastly insisted on anonymity (supposedly from an angel and Christ) and was followed fourteen years later -- on December 22, 2004 -- by a second one.
Those putative private "revelations" can be reviewed here. They are offered only for prayerful consideration. As with any alleged mysticism, questions may be raised about aspects of them. Detailed in the book Tower of Light, the prophecies have received substantial circulation because they correctly foresaw the regional "chastisements" that have occurred around the world in various forms (from quakes to storms) since 1990, hinted strongly at what turned out to be September 11, and all but directly indicated the coming of cloning and embryonic stem-cell cloning (which were anticipated in the prophecy as "a great new evil comparable to abortion"). Other and indeed more dramatic aspects of the prophecy have not yet materialized, including predictions of societal breakdown, a new world order, an anti-christ-like man of "influence," and apparition-like manifestations of Jesus.
The 1990 and 2004 predictions have now been followed by a third. Received on September 25 (a week ago last Saturday),  we will here simply state what it says, with no commentary. That we will undertake in subsequent articles. The missive was received and written down around three in the morning (completed at 3:13 a.m.), and we have been made privy to the original, as was the case too of the other alleged messages. We are still in the process of discernment and present it only in the spirit of the New Testament admonition to consider the prophetic. As with the others, there is the dilemma of possible deception at the same time one recognizes the role of prophecy through the Bible. Unlike many messages, which are far more frequent, there have been but three from this alleged recipient in two decades.
It was recorded as follows:
"The trials of your time now head to the crescendo of meaning, whereby to each will be shown the imperfection of the past and the need for purification of the future. In these transgressions is found the enemy of Creation, and the one who seeks to install his spirit as the spirit that conquers for all time. It is a final battle in which the trials of the future will serve as engagements complete unto themselves. Those who choose to ignore the dynamic of spiritual interaction will find themselves in a very confused state that will lead to more conflict. While love prevails, so does courage, and so does the uncovering of those spirits which now install themselves as guardians for those who have invited into their hearts falsity. The angels stand ready to assist those who unleash power with humility and belief. Only those in union with God will be able to see in the darkness which so many expected and that already is upon the earth. New Mexico I have ordained as a beacon of light and also the place near the water where the cross stands. In this time, expect the error of premature expectation, but not [error in] the truth of the expectation itself. For these times, you have the Rosary, and even more so, the praise. In union with God comes all protection, as the dark spirits are now allowed to materialize in full due to the pretense and aspirations of man. Not until the initial event will the curtain be drawn that reveals the entirety of the plan, and even then, it will be parted only slowly, in the woes of purification."
from: Spirit Daily

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