Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ephesians 6:12 has been the 'Battle Cry' of BattleBeads from the beginning, a year ago now. "For we wrestle NOT against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
Any who read this ... by the power of our Almighty Triune God, His Grace, the Precious Name of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit ... take up the fight! We ARE the Church militant who will soon join the Church suffering and triumphant. We do not stand alone in this battle. Be assured,  it IS a battle. We are in communion with with all those who came before us including the angels and saints in heaven. We have some fierce warriors among us!  Let us unite and hold fast to the TRUTH that we KNOW is CHRIST JESUS! So many of the leaders today have fallen to the world and the wiles of satan ... yes, sadly ... Bishops as well as priests. Resist the temptation to reveal their faults, but rather pray hard and do penance that they receive the necessary grace to be the servants that Jesus would have them be. They need our prayers, not our wrath and 'righteous indignation'.
The ole boy sure has the upper hand for the moment in this battle. So many of us are so busy with our lives ... our families, jobs, recreation, vacations, planning this and that, etc. What time do we REALLY DEVOTE to GOD? Why is it that it's so hard to give Him the time we would devote to a hobby or other interest? Where ARE our priorities? Do we not realize that this short life is a passing moment at best and eternity is  -F O R E V E R- ??? Where IS our TREASURE ... for there our heart will also be. What IS IT we value most? If we're smart, it will be our eternal souls and the souls of our families and dear ones.
The ole boy is betting on the fact that you're TOO BUSY to notice what's really going on. Or better yet, that PRIDE tells you that everything's just fine the way it is and all this battle talk is simply nonsense. Make no mistake ... the war wages. Satan and his minions are everywhere and yes .. even in the Church.
With so many Bishops and priests merely going through the motions now and not providing strong leadership to adhere to the Tradition that St. Paul warned us not to stray from, it's time that the faithful laity force the issue and either build ourselves up in the faith or force the appointed shepherds to step up to the plate and by the grace of God, perform the duties their hands and hearts were anointed for with true reverence and discipline.
There is no reason why we all can't give at least FIFTEEN SOLID MINUTES A DAY in contrite prayer for each other, the Church and the world. THIS IS NOT A DRESS REHEARSAL FOLKS ... this is the real deal ... the end of the age has been in the works since Jesus left a while back, huh? Have you noticed the things He said would happen before He comes again? Yes, we've always had wars and earthquakes and disasters and all the rest .. but He said they would come faster and stronger as a woman having labor pains. Are we not there?
Do we even take the time to CONSIDER if we ARE OR NOT? Do we shrug it off because it's not convenient for us now? Do we value our eternal souls so little that we would make such a gamble? Many of us would never think of gambling money or placing a bet ... but look at the risks we take with our souls!
Oh, but God is a loving God ... He will understand ... I deserved my THIS ... I waited all year long for my THAT ... He knows I love Him. Really? How easy is it for you to see that a friend cares for YOU if you only see that friend when they need something from you? TAKE STOCK PEOPLE. WHAT IS IMPORTANT, REALLY? Look at a Crucifix and consider HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU. JUST LOOK. And then thank GOD for His MERCY. Pray for each other ... that the faithful be strengthened, the lukewarm be renewed, the fallen away be restored and the proud be converted ... and most of all .. PRAY FOR OUR BISHOPS & PRIESTS!

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