Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Next Card in Play ... Racism??

In order for NEW THINGS to be 'accepted' by the general public, older and familiar things HAVE to be made so bad that folks don't know where to turn. Just read any socialist or marxist instruction book for furthering that effort. The tide is turning with the economy, the Gulf oil crisis, terrorism and all the rest breathing down our necks ... soon we will see full blown racism as well. If you lived during the 60's, particularly in NYC as I did, you can see the smoke beginning to rise. Glenn may have a bit too much sarcasm at times, but he's also hit a lot of stuff on the head months before it occurs ... he bears heeding.

I believe that the MAJORITY of PEOPLE -ALL COLORS OF PEOPLE- are good decent folks and it's a lousy shame that arrogant evil minded demoniacs in each group get a portion of the folks riled up enough and brainwashed enough to sow hate and discontent to the detriment of the rest of us. Be on guard folks .... it's coming soon to a neighborhood near you, unless we can profusely pray and offer penance to call down God's grace to change hearts and minds. Make no mistake ... WE NEED TO PRAY AND DO PENANCE LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

Glenn Beck Positively quotes the Pope ... it's as we knew ... the Catholic Church is what's holding socialism back. Nice to see that other denominations (Glenn is a Morman) recognize this. I hope this gets folks to thinking WHAT Church is THE Church that Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against. We may, end up losing the Mass and Holy Eucharist in the not so distant future, but it will only be for a time as we go through our own Gethsemene as the church militant. We trust on the Words of Jesus and rely on His Precious Blood, knowing that He's already won the war.

Watch this to the end .. it's long and in parts, but consecutive and without commercials.
Apparently this is only the first part ... here's the link to the rest:  ...


  1. Are there parts following this one? It seems to end in the middle of things.

  2. Sorry 'bout that ... I thought it was for the whole deal ...
    Thanks for the heads up on it! :)