Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday BattleBeads

A year ago today, I sold the first BattleBeads Rosary. :) Hard to believe it's a year later and I'm still getting special requests. Just got one today in fact regarding a 6 decade Brigittine Rosary that I'll be making shortly. I always very much like to design something new or something uniquely custom ... really looking forward to it! :)
I was going to let this anniversary go by, but decided not to after a dream I had last night that was completely unrelated to making rosaries and an email I just received from someone that found me after prayer to our Lady. I believe the dream was actually an answer to a petition  that I've been praying about for a few months now. I had been asking to be led more deeply into our Lord's Passion and to understand more and love Him more perfectly.
Upon retiring last night, I was thinking how FULL of grace Mary was and how at such a young age, she was able to accept such monumental tasks that were wrought with the possibility of dire consequences. I thought too about how she had to endure the swords piercing her Immaculate Heart that Simeon spoke of. I thought of her horror and anguish at learning Jesus had been arrested. I was brought to a place where I could barely watch as He was horrifically mauled, maltreated, humiliated and in torturous pain as He was being mocked carrying His Cross. How could Mary have stood this? Yes ... grace, I know ... but she was fully human! Watching this ... standing at the foot of the Cross after watching them drive the nails into Him ... hearing His WORDS to the Father, her and John ... holding His Lifeless Precious Body in her arms when they took Him down and then the finality of placing Him in the tomb. I was just in awe ... totally and literally. I fell asleep praying.
So, now my dream. Short .. but just as profound.

Not sure where I was, but my deceased parents were there. Momma was very sad and Daddy very solemn. My brother had just returned from the store where he had bought some wood and supplies. I was praying .. outside and looking up for a sign from heaven. My father had agreed to be crucified. My mother was very sad but very resigned to it. I too was resigned that this had to be, but it was tearing my heart out. I saw my brother forming the crucifix. Daddy began walking towards the crucifix. He had a cut and bandage on his right shin. I saw a large angel profiled in the clouds beckoning with flowing hair. I can't explain how hurtful this all was. To see this, to know what was going to happen and that it MUST happen ... I knew it was wrong to ask for it NOT to happen. It was SO distressful, that it woke me up. The first thought that came to me was that as hard as that was to see for a few SECONDS, it was NOTHING compared to the pain our Lady felt, knowing that not only this was flesh of her flesh but GOD ALMIGHTY! I think of Peter's very human reaction when Jesus told him that He would have to suffer and die. I think any one of us would have likely reacted the same way saying we didn't want that to happen to Someone we loved! But God's Ways are certainly not our ways. But in all this, Mary never even flinched. It is written that she never fainted at the foot of the Cross, but stood fast never waivering in Love, Faith and GRACE. Her gaze firmly fixed on her Precious Son, our Savior. There are many more feelings that are just too hard to put into words just now. Many things too that are going to be added to my daily petitions. I pray that God sends me a spiritual director but in this rural area, well it's almost going to require a miracle. But have to leave the rest for another time. Just too much to really put out and take in all at once!
Oh Mary, Most SORROWFUL Mother, please pray for us miserable sinners who have recourse to you in this valley of tears!

p.s. I guess the reason I related these two things to mentioning BattleBeads' Birthday was because every now and then when I wonder why and how I wound up doing this, something happens to make me feel like I'm SUPPOSED to be doing this as my little part to further the Kingdom or help in some way. May it please God for it to be so!

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