Random Thoughts

12/13/2015  12:45
Time never erases the wounds of lost loved ones ... at best, it only lessens it a bit and then only sometimes. 

12/05/2015  16:14
In this violent, evil and most sinful world where life has little if any value; there is one thing that cannot be taken from you: The Love of Christ Jesus and the joy that comes from loving HIM!

03/17/12 9:26PM
It is said that Jesus looked at His torturers and executioners with LOVE and in fact, even all those that screamed for His Crucifixion. I don't believe His humanity alone could have withstood his wounds and torments had it not been for the strength of His Divinity. By that, I don't mean He had "pain management", or that His pain was lessened in any way, what I mean is that from nothing else other than just the blood loss, anyone else would have been passed out from the scourging alone. To really meditate on the hours of the Passion and all that's been written about it, I think the only reason He was able to make it TO Golgotha was because he was true God and true man. I would think He even looked with Love at those that yelled CRUCIFY HIM justifying (because of His LOVE for them) that they wanted His death so they could share in eternal life. I don't say that they KNEW the reason for His death, but HE DID ... and I think that's how He could do it, in His humanity, even for those that mocked, tortured and hammered the nails. Intellectually, we can understand the concept of Redemption ... but I don't believe we have the capacity, as humans, to wrap our minds around that KIND OF LOVE. And, I believe that is why it is said the Law is comprised of Love, first for God and then for neighbor, for love of God .. and of the Virtues: "... and the greatest of these is LOVE."

01/24/2012 19:42
This world can give us some happiness from time to time .. but God alone can give us JOY that lasts eternal.

10/02/2011 - We give forgiveness because our dear Lord requests it of us ... we ask for forgiveness not for ourselves, but because those that don't forgive others receive the 'punishment' of harboring resentments and we wish the best for them! Holding a grudge never hurts the one that the anger is directed towards .. it only hurts the person that holds the grudge. How WISE our dear Lord is in giving us the commandment to love one another and to forgive seventy times seven!! :)

7/21/11 - Sometimes I think God allows us to participate in redemption with our sufferings for specific things and people that perhaps we're not even aware of ... as long as we unite everything with His Perfect Passion and give it back to Him ... perhaps when time passes into eternity, then, we might see the small good we have done for even strangers while we were yet in this valley of tears!

10/14/10 - In the fullness of time all things will be united to our glorious Eternal Father, through the mercy and grace of His Son and through the workings of the Holy Spirit according to His Perfect Timing, Perfect Plan and ... in spite of what we think.