Thursday, February 7, 2019

Where are we today? WHO are we today?!

Of course this is just my perception, and my OPINION, but thinking back several decades, I  recall that racial problems had just about been extinguished altogether. Reminiscing about the Dean Martin Roasts, and in particular Don Rickles, who insulted every race, Creed and person indiscriminately, LOL ... Not many, if any, took exception. It was all just great fun ... everyone was laughing; not just on the show, but in the country. We had gone through the race thing in the sixties ... yes it was intense. But people who had brains and hearts came to the realization that we all bleed the same color blood and skin color means absolutely nothing!

So if someone was referred to by the ethnic term of the times, it was water off a duck's back. Every people, every person, has their quirks. Many are quite endearing. The things that were said about people back then for the most part, were never meant to degrade or take away the people or persons dignity; it was simply pointing out the intricacies of each in jest. And what did that do actually? It made us all smile a little bit more. It made us all chuckle a little bit more. And you know what? I really think that it helped us all get along a little bit more and brought us closer together in the long run.
Then what happened?

So here we are, having to sift our words before we speak so that no one is offended. And the worst part about this is that now, we have to be careful not to offend the people who are offencive TO US. Many of us still hold fast to biblical truths and the old fashioned morals and scruples we were raised on. And thank God for that! There is so much to all this stuff that it truly puts my head in a whirl. But I assure you, it is NOT merely an issue of political correctness.
Manipulation can be and *IS* a very subtle industry.

Think about it, how absolutely ridiculous is it to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to investigate trash back to the persons high school days if you don't like what they stand for? And really that's all it is ... you don't agree with them, you want them to hold your opinion ... And if they don't/won't, then just make their lives miserable until they change their way of thinking or slink away into obscurity. Regardless of their political, economical or religious beliefs, all that aside, how absolutely asinine is it to go back to their school days and try to wreck their lives and livings because at some point in their life, at a party, they put on blackface and dressed as a negro. Do they do this with people who dressed as Indians, Attila the Hun, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, a fairy godmother or the devil himself? Some of the people in the Dean Martin Roasts are still alive, when are they going to be indicted for racial slurs? This is all just so utterly ridiculous! 

It really does not matter what side of the fence you're on, for what purposes you work or what goals you hold for the future. Some things are just right and some things are just wrong, and they always will be because TRUTH DOES NOT CHANGE. And one of those things is taking away life from an innocent person. Thou shalt not murder is the same today as it was when Moses got the tablets, AND IT IS NOT REGULATED BY THE AGE OF THE VICTIM! How anybody can scowl at the statement that babies are people and made in the image and likeness of God and have an inalienable right to life is absolutely beyond my comprehension and totally totally evil personified. And those that actually perform these intrinsically evil acts .... all I can say is may God have mercy on their souls and give them the grace to repent before their last breath.

The way I see it, and of course it's just my opinion, there's a lot of childishness in politics these days. Well actually it's mostly greed when you come right down to it ... and avarice of course, but I guess what I mean to say is that the lust for greed and avarice produces a very childish response in an attempt to get what they want. There is no arguing that there is a lot of money to be made in drugs, trafficking and selling organs. And it's sad to say, and can hardly be refuted, that many politicians are on the receiving end of envelopes in their pockets as long as they legislate to keep the avenues open perpetuating these atrocities for their under the table "bonuses".

And I think the biggest waste of USA money today, is the presidential investigations, for more than a couple of years now, into Trump's financial situation and this so-called Russian collusion business. He has bettered the country in many different areas which I won't go into here. They can easily be researched and verified. He cares about the value of life. He shows respect for God almighty and has encouraged others to do the same. He's increased the job market and research proves (going back decades and decades) that he is so far from being a racist that it's laughable. They say that the deals he makes only lines his pockets and the pockets of his rich friends. Yet here is a man who gave up the last years of what could have been an easy cushy life knowing how much ridicule he and his family would be put through by trying to do the right thing for others. And he doesn't even accept his presidential salary! He donates it to different causes every quarter! ... say what you want about him, but he didn't get to where he is - or even where he was before the presidency, by being an idiot or fool. That's only common sense! And you're certainly, of course, free to call him a liar, however, please do recall the old adage which is so very true: "Actions speak louder than words."

He pulled us out of places where we were getting the short end of the stick, and rightfully so. Shouldn't every country protect and ensure the best for its citizens? If history proves me wrong, so be it; but for right now I believe he's one of the most honest and hard-working presidents we've ever had, bar none. I believe he's going through hell and they're trying to take him down because he can't be controlled, because he cannot be bought, because he has no special interest groups that he owes favors to. He is not beholding to anyone or anything but his own conscience, and of course, God Almighty.

I want to go back to the fifties. I want to go back to when people had respect for people, regardless of their lifestyles, creeds, political affiliations and all the rest. Much of the stuff that exists today existed then as well, but no one attempted to force the general public to swallow it. "You do your thing and I'll do mine; and when we pass in the street, we nod smile and greet!" (LOL, that just popped out of me and I like it!)

Things were more honest before all this crap began ... More real.

Yeah, I want to go back to that time and leave all this future behind!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Fatima, Lourdes, Akita and Our Lady of Good Success: Sure help in times of need

Here are some links I want to share regarding the above Church Approved Apparitions which are so VERY important today to those of us living in the 21st century. You will do well to familiarize yourself with them and help spread the devotions.

The world is now (1/9/19) in a place of unprecedented violence and evil in all areas and sectors of life. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes. Yet there are some that totally disregard all the blatancy of our times and happily go on with their parties, planning vacations and doing whatever it takes to accumulate more wealth.

Those with eyes to see and ears to hear take the time to become well versed in eschatology, Scripture and valid apparitions in an effort to not only save themselves, but loved ones and all they hold dear. More than this, is to live in the Divine Will, yearning for all to be saved and none be lost - all for the love of God.

These 4 Apparitions are the most prominent, being Church approvedm and all tie into each other. Nothing contradicts Holy Scripture and most certainly, nothing diminishes the Sovereignty, Divinity or Dominion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Please pray the rosary daily and don’t forget to pray daily for your loved ones in purgatory. Here’s a prayer I use in my daily 3pm’s: "Eternal Father, please take all the pain and suffering of the holy souls in purgatory, along with my own and unite them all to the Perfect, Holy Passion of Jesus, His True Presence in the Eucharist and the benefits and graces of all Masses said this day and please empty purgatory into heaven daily during this special hour of Divine Mercy; (especially those that have no one to pray for them) in the precious Name of Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen."





As an aside, I’d also like to bring attention to an important ICON


May our dear Lord bless you and all you hold dear!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Epiphany - (Traditionally on the 6th)

Rise up in splendor, Jerusalem! Your Light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you. ~Isaiah 60:1
They were men willing to sacrifice of themselves in
order to find a newborn King.  This is a sign of their wisdom:
their willingness to sacrifice.
Many Christians around the world annually celebrate Epiphany on January 6. It is a public holiday in many countries and marks when the three wise men, or kings, visited infant Jesus. Three Wise men following the star. The three wise men's (or kings) visit to the baby Jesus is remembered on the feast of the Epiphany. (AND WISE MEN *STILL* SEEK HIM!)

The Epiphany is 12 days after Christmas in the Gregorian calendar, it marks not only the end of the Christmas holidays but also the start of the Carnival season, which climaxes with Mardi Gras. In some European countries, such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, children dress as the three kings and visit houses. In their roles as the kings, or wise men, they sing about the Jesus’ birth and pay homage to the “King of kings”. They are rewarded with praise and cookies. Dia de los Reyes Magos is the Latin American celebration of Epiphany.

In many Latin American countries, it is the three wise men and not Santa Claus who bring gifts for children. Children write letters to the wise men telling them how good they were and what gifts they want. In France Le Jour des Rois (the Day of Kings), sometimes called the FĂȘte des Rois, is celebrated with parties for children and adults. The galette des rois, or “cake of kings”, highlights these celebrations. This cake is round and flat, cut into the pantry, covered with a white napkin and carried into a dining room. Children in Spain fill their shoes with straw or grain for the three kings’ horses to eat and place them on balconies or by the front door on Epiphany Eve. The next day they find cookies, sweets or gifts in their place. The “three kings” make an entry in many cities in Spain on Epiphany Eve, accompanied by military bands and drummers in medieval dress. What's Open or Closed? Epiphany is a public holiday in countries such as Austria, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, Ethiopia (but on different date that varies annually), parts of Germany, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, and Uruguay. It is not a public holiday in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States (except the US Virgin Islands where it is a public holiday).

The  Epiphany is commonly known as Three Kings’ Day or the Feast of the Epiphany. It means “manifestation” or “showing forth”. It is also called Theophany (“manifestation of God”), especially by Eastern Christians. Epiphany refers not only to the day itself but to the church season that follows it – a season that has a varied length because it ends when Lent begins, and this depends on the date of Easter. It commemorates the first two occasions on which Jesus’ divinity, according to Christian belief, was manifested: when the three kings (also known as wise men or Magi) visited infant Jesus in Bethlehem, and when John the Baptist baptized him in the River Jordan. The Roman Catholic and Protestant churches emphasize the visit of the Magi when they celebrate the Epiphany. The Eastern Orthodox churches focus on Jesus’ baptism. Epiphany is one of the oldest Christian feasts. It was celebrated since the end of the second century, before the Christmas holiday was established. Like other Christian seasons, the church appropriated Epiphany from an old pagan festival. As early as 1996 BC, the Egyptians celebrated the winter solstice (which then occurred on January 6) with a tribute to Aeon, the Virgin. It is important to note that the holiday was established prior to the Gregorian calendar’s introduction. Symbols Various paintings, artworks and sketches show the three wise men and Jesus.

Some paintings artworks show the three wise men on the way to Bethlehem or adoring baby Jesus. The kings are important because their visit illustrates that Jesus was the king of all kings who came for the Jews and the Gentiles.

 The star that guides the wise men to Christ also symbolizes Epiphany, as well as the three gifts they gave to Jesus: Gold (fit for a king). Frankincense (used to worship at a temple). Myrrh (used for embalming, as well as a salve for irritations such as diaper rash). Many Orthodox churches consider Jesus’ baptism to be the first step towards the crucifixion. The liturgical color for the Epiphany season is white.
Epiphany (also known as Twelfth Night, Theophany, or Three Kings Day) marks the occasion of a time-honored Christian tradition of “chalking the doors.” The formula for the ritual — adapted for 2018 — is simple: take chalk of any color and write the following above the entrance of your home: 20 + C + M + B + 18.
The letters have two meanings. First, they represent the initials of the Magi — Caspar, Malchior, and Balthazar — who came to visit Jesus in His first home. They also abbreviate the Latin phrase, Christus mansionem benedicat: “May Christ bless the house.” The “+” signs represent the cross, and the “20” at the beginning and the “18” at the end mark the year. Taken together, this inscription is performed as a request for Christ to bless those homes so marked and that He stay with those who dwell therein throughout the entire year.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Jan 1st Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God / Happy New Year

On January 1, the Church commemorates the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God - the greatest title of Mary. This feast in the oldest Marian feast of the church of Rome and it celebrates Mary's vocation to be the mother of Jesus Christ. Through Mary, Jesus Christ entered this world, taking on human flesh and a human soul. Jesus is true God and true man. In His person are united both a divine nature and a human nature. Mary is in every history with Jesus and by her intercession we obtain all necessary graces to our life. Besides, being the Mother of God, Mary assumed the mother of all humanity working and helping all those who seek her. So when we look at the image of the Virgin Mary we felt an encouragement in our heart which fortifies our spirituality and comfort our soul. It is the fragrance of the immense and grandiose love.

"So they hurried away and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby lying in the manger. When they saw the child they repeated what they had been told about him, and everyone who heard it was astonished at what the shepherds said to them. As for Mary, she treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart. And the shepherds went back glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen, just as they had been told. When the eighth day came and the child was to be circumcised, they gave him the name Jesus, the name the angel had given him before his conception." ~Luke 2,16-21
Meanwhile, January 1 also marks the jubilation of the New Year and every faithful exchanges new years greetings as an expression of hope for a peaceful new year. Along with this, the date has been designated as “World Day of Peace”. As a deep aspiration for peace, this particular day is reserved for intense prayer for peace, education towards peace and those values inextricably linked with it, such as liberty, fraternal solidarity, the dignity of the human person, respect for nature, the right to work, the sacredness of human life, and the denunciation of injustices which trouble the conscience of man and threaten peace.

Just like the Great Jubilee that Saint Pope John Paul II observed, we have another opportunity not only to celebrate a new year, but an Extraordinary Jubilee Year. John Paul taught that “the Jubilee, ‘a year of the Lord’s favor,’ characterizes all the activity of Jesus; it is not merely the recurrence of an anniversary in time.” Anniversaries are not mere numbers, but a way of making present what we celebrate. This New Year’s Day let us celebrate God’s transformation of history by His coming into the world and then let this celebration continue to mark our observance of ALL JUBILEES in our history ... not only making them PRESENT to us today, but LIVING THEM ALL YEAR THROUGH!!

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