Sunday, September 24, 2017

Anybody Home?

I had written this some time ago ... not even sure when ... but just came across it again and it's TIMELY. If you don't care about this .... YOU SHOULD!

Oh for about a couple decades now at least, I've had a pet peeve .. spoken to only a handful of trusted friends .. something that really rubs me the wrong way and gets my dander up. There's a FIX for it .. but are we UP TO IT? To we have the GUTS to even SUGGEST IT? Time for fence sitting is LONG PAST. We need to begin getting our house in order and in my mind, the very first thing we need to do is:


Yep ... I'm talking about the Savior of the world, our Eucharistic Lord, JESUS! It was WRONG to move Him off to the side away from the main focus. Isn't that WHY we go to Church because we BELIEVE IN THE DIVINE PRESENCE OF THE EUCHARIST? Sit down and REALLY think about this. If you don't believe that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist, you're not even CATHOLIC. He didn't say this is a representation of My Body and Blood ...


This has bothered me for SO long now ... Michael brought it to the fore front again and now I'm on a mission! We need .. WE ALL NEED to band together. Things are going to get tough enough here more quickly than we'd like. We need to be sure where we stand because those still sitting on the fence will soon find themselves sitting on what's left of their brains *ahem*. We need to follow Michael's advice and IN CHARITY do whatever it takes to get Jesus put BACK front and center as the MAIN FOCUS as it should be .. where He BELONGS!

Form groups, write letters, have talks and meetings ... if nothing is done and it's a closed issue, well then, I'd take my soul elsewhere to be nourished for the upcoming battle. It's too important NOT to have Him first in all things now and (right after the place in your heart), that begins with the altar in your parish.

If you can't get anywhere with your parish, contact the diocese or the arch diocese .. if you can't get anywhere with them .. well then you need to go where Jesus IS honored, respected and given the proper place due His DIVINITY! .... PERIOD!

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