Tuesday, February 9, 2016

On Christian Voting ... and a few Other Things

Before we vote "our consciences" we need to make sure WE HAVE ONE. We need to make sure it's FORMED CORRECTLY with the TRUTH. Not what we THINK is truth, not what we HOPE is truth, not what Sam down the block SAYS is truth ... but IMMUTABLE TRUTH and His Name is JESUS. And if it's really the Truth we're seeking, we turn to our Bibles, to our trusted religious leaders and prayerful friends and discuss the issues. Is life important? Is it possible that the 'fetal tissue' in a woman's womb will deliver as a monkey or will it always be a human being? THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE FOLKS! WHAT'S WRONG IS AND ALWAYS WILL *BE* WRONG! No matter what one generation says or believes. I've said for decades: "TRUTH IS TRUTH AND CHANGES NOT."

If you truly call yourself CHRISTIAN, let alone CATHOLIC .... you need to take this seriously. I believe this election will have NO SECOND CHANCES ... what you select this time you're GOING TO HAVE TO LIVE/DIE with. THIS IS AN HISTORICAL TIME whether you want to believe it or NOT. You have been born into this time for a REASON, it's NOT by chance. You are here to see if when Jesus returns will He find any FAITH. REAL FAITH ... not the *oh sure I love Jesus but I'd rather be golfing on Sunday kinda faith*. Whether you want to believe it or not makes no difference .. but we ARE in a spiritual battle ... our very souls depend on the choices we make towards Jesus and our neighbors and how we stand up for those who have no voice. We have to jump down on one side of the fence now folks .... middle ground is no longer an option. 

We have folks running around all over the world wreaking havoc and terror and chopping off heads to force us to subscribe to their 'religion of PEACE' ... 9/11, California, Paris, Africa and the Middle East ... we have babies being torn from their mothers wombs which should be the safest place in the world and if they happen to survive, they have their throats slit or necks broken .... AND they're selling their body parts joking along the way and **JUSTICE** stands with the malefactors rather than the whistle-blowers ..... we have shooting sprees in movie houses, malls, schools, streets and many other places along with suicide bombers in any populated area where innocent civilians are their victims and it goes on and on. 


Well, let's see now ... we took down the 10 Commandments, kicked prayer out of school, stopped parents from disciplining their children, instilled free sex and contraception, abortions, praised gay sex and gay 'marriage', and basically made our vacation planning more important than making and nurturing an intimate relationship with the One that gives us our very next BREATH. Could it be God's removed His Protective Hand to let us see what we've chosen perhaps? I think that when we ignore God for too long, He leaves us to our own [selected] devices, so we can see how bad it IS and how much we DO need Him. Sometimes all the talking in the world does no good to stubborn children and it only 'clicks' with them when they burn their hands, that fire really *IS* dangerous and hurtful to them. 

As I said .. we are in the midst of a real
. The ole boy knows the outcome and that he won't win, so in fury, he tries to take down all the souls he can. He can't hurt God Himself, but he can hurt Him by stealing souls and hurting those God loves. Think this isn't true? Look around you. Read the newspaper.
The Bible told us 2,000 yrs ago that the end days would have more martyrs than there were in the first century with the lions and Roman arenas!  These folks in the middle east aren't just getting murdered. They're getting murdered in the most torturous ways imaginable! I can't even repeat some of the stuff I've seen or read or been asked to pray for. Many have contacted me from that area and Africa telling of the horrors and have sent pictures of their stories. Truly they need our prayers and what ever help we can give. These are the time when we find out who drank the kool-aid and who knows how to put on the ARMOR OF GOD. If you're smart, you'll choose the latter and join the battle. 

The battle is raging and we all must do our part ... this WORLD is passing away ... it's not NOT NOT the end of the world ... but it's near to the end of times AS WE KNOW THEM. PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!


This election is very important ... DON'T say "MY VOTE WON'T MATTER" ... it DOES matter ... you know how many folks say that ???? Look what we wound up with last time ... well "DEAD PEOPLE WERE VOTING", HUH? *BLINKS* It was documented that the social security numbers of the deceased were used to register to vote and NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT!?!??!! HOW???????? WHY??????????

How the things that are SO BLATANTLY EVIL have gone on for SO LONG without much response or correction is beyond my understanding ... UNLESS I equate it to the 'great lie' that could even fool the elect. If you're not grounded strongly in Faith, you'll never even see it the Bible says and God will give you over to believe it even more strongly :-( ... He will never push Himself on us ... but sometimes, to call us back home, He needs to let us see the consequences of our actions and frequently throughout history, He's permitted one nation to 'chastise' another nation for His Purposes to bring them back to the Truth. The longer a person or nation remains in the dark, it will be hard to see anything, let alone the Truth and when/if you do get a glimps of it, just like coming out of a cave in bright daylight, it will hurt your eyes .... BE CAREFUL ... BEWARE ... DO NOT RELY ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING! WE ARE WARNED ABOUT THIS IN SCRIPTURE. 
"Trust in the Lord with your whole heart and lean not to your own understanding." ~Proverbs 3:5 
St. Paul basically said Look, Jesus came down from heaven and called us 12, Jesus showed us how He fulfilled the old Testament prophecies ... we saw His miracles, we watched Him die and rise again! He laid down the foundation for His Church giving the keys to Peter. He instituted the 7 Sacraments (yes all in the Bible, every one) and He showed us how to be pleasing to the Father through traditional teaching and Scripture, that all may be one in Him as He is One with the Father. And St. Paul says to us: ... "But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel to you other than that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema!" ~Galatians 1:9

And our dear Lord, prayed for us .. yes even us so many centuries later ... we find this in John 17:20,21: “I pray not only for them [the Apostles], but also for those who will believe in Me through their word, so that they may all be one, as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me."

I BEG you take this seriously. I'm not a kook, I've seen much in my 6+ decades and I remember living in a period when there was respect, love, kindness and concern for others. When you weren't afraid to be out after dark. When you could walk into any Church 24/7 to visit with Jesus. When getting in trouble at school meant you would get more after you got home. The kids growing up today have no idea what they missed ... the majority also have no idea of real values, morals, scruples, respect or LOVE of neighbor. Before I go off on a real tangent ... please let me admonish you to not take this voting time lightly .... please please please for the love of God and Country ... DO YOUR HOMEWORK to FORM YOUR CONSCIENCE RIGHTLY ... THEN and only THEN are you ready to vote. If you want to PM me on Facebook or Twitter or here ... I'll be more than happy to answer questions or help however I can. 

What is your preference???

There IS NO perfect candidate .. we must vote for the least of all evils.

Blessings! ...  and may He Who ransomed us, His children, with His precious Blood have mercy on us all!