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St. Pedro Calungsod

Saint Pedro Calungsod of the Philippines
 Originally posted 12/5/12 ... I have been remiss on making the chaplets. I will be catching up on a lot in the next week or so, including making these chaplets. Please keep me in your kind prayers that His grace sustains me and helps me stay out of bed longer and feel just a little better :)

I have recently received some full color center's of this newly canonized Saint from a very nice lady in the Philippines (thank you Rachelle) and would like to help make him more well known here in the States. I will be offering a St. Pedro chaplet in the next week or so. Here is a little info on him, I'm sure you can find much more, but this will give you the basics about him. This is the picture used for the centerpiece, it's very striking and will make a beautiful chaplet ... thanks so much Rachelle!

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St. Pedro Calungsod was canonized on October 21, 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI. Pedro Calungsod was hacked to death at the age believed to be 17 years only, while assisting a Jesuit priest to convert natives in Guam.  In 2001, a woman who died of heart attack lived again after the doctor prayed for help to Calungsod.  Testimony of this in 2002 was made part of the reason why he is goin to be canonized a saint,” Camins-Conti said.
Camins-Conti has composed songs that promote the Chavacano language, a Spanish creole that distinctly has been kept alive by the speakers in Zamboanga City. This Is one of her compositions in English.

In an e-interview, Camins-Conti shared how the saint’s life story inspired her to write the song.  “I was inspired by what I see in the young children and teenagers in our parishes, especially in my parish, where the young singers are so faithful in coming to the Saturday rehearsals i schedule and their unwavering presence in the first early 6 a.m. mass every Sunday here in our church. I know this kind of attitude and zeal in doing their own share,  through their talents, their energies—singing,  serving as “sacristans” in the mass, cleaning the church, being youth leaders. “

“The life of Pedro Calungsod is very similar to that of our young boys and girls who are so faithful in going to Saturday practice of our choir, so zealous to do their ordinary work to serve God in their way.  It inspired me as I am inspired by what I see in the children and the youth in our parishes who are so devoted in doing their share in whatever capacity—be they youth leaders, choir members, ‘sacristan’, squires, knights, church helpers, cleaners.  May there be more like them.”

The lyrics are as follows:  
 “To you, San Pedro Calungsod, young martyr of our homeland/ The grace of faith God gave to you was never in vain.// A worthy model for the young to follow your example/
You left your fam’ly and all behind to serve the Mission, truly.//

Despite the hard life you endured/ and helped the priests to spread God’s Word, / Young missionary, you remained so brave/ and faithful to the end.//
San Pedro Calungsod, / we pray that like you through our daily words and actions / People may come to know and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ.//
San Pedro Calungsod, San Pedro Calungsod/ We thank the Lord for giving you to us and to the world/
San Pedro Calungsod, San Pedro Calungsod/ A missionary, young and loyal to our Faith/ You are now a saint!//

“I see his life in my seraphims, choir members and other young kids who brave even the stormy weather because they are so faithful in their apostolate work to serve God in the ministry of the church services and other rites,” Camins-Conti concluded.
(Deorenzie Frances L. Carreon, The PhilSouth Angle)

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