Monday, September 3, 2012

There Is No Such Thing as Football Fans Who Hate Football

Fr. John Hollowell: Agreeing with the Holy Father

“The Holy Father, during a recent Angelus address, said that if a Catholic doesn’t have the Faith anymore, it would be more honest to leave.  (Courageous Priest posted it Here.)
This confirms for me something I taught my students the past few years at Ritter – the idea that I have more respect for people who have thought through the issues and leave the Church than I do for the people who disagree with the Church on every conceivable issue of importance, but don’t do the intellectually honest thing and leave.

I’ve said many times I’d much rather talk to an atheist than a cafeteria Catholic because while an atheist has taken false premises to their true conclusion, a cafeteria Catholic has taken true premises through to false conclusions while also lacking the courage to ACT on those false conclusions.  Is there anything more illogical than that “catholics” who hate the Church?  There is no such thing as Twinkie fans who hate Twinkies, no such thing as Buddhists who hate Buddhism, and no such thing as football fans who hate football.

I’m glad to see the Pope confirm something I’ve felt for a long time – if people don’t like the Church, they should do the intellectually honest thing and leave.”

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