Friday, March 16, 2012

HHS Mandate is Anti-Woman: Catholics Need to Speak Up!!!

I received this from a customer in email and I'm passing it along. This really needs to be considered before you hit the polls in November. This truly is a devious undertaking for a more ambitious agenda.

"I apologize if I have been forwarding a lot, but these are very serious times and the fall out of what the government is intending to do is far greater than paying for health insurance. Below is a wonderful video about how HHS is anti-woman. I also linked 2 articles about government issues related to contraceptive that are not free choice but rather government control of fertility.

 John Holdren, a White House official, has a manifesto. Like Hitler he outlines what he believes and how it should be carried out. Everyone is ignoring him. No one thinks it can happen. Once the government controls birth control, they control every aspect of birth. Not only can they decide who gets it and what kind, they can mandate who gets it and what kind. This is not a step forward but many steps back.

 The government has no right to control fertility and births, that is what Roe v Wade supposedly ensured according to its supporters, but really pro-choice means pro-death and as the government slowly creeps in control our liberties are under serious attack. This is a silent civil war, but also a spiritual one. I am only trying to help arm you so that you can spread the TRUTH."

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