Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two New Chaplets

These two wonderful chaplets were recently brought to my attention by a prayerful customer and I wanted to share them with everyone being it's the Lenten season. They are the Chaplet of Reparation and Conversion, respectively. Both wonderful devotions for Lent. We need so much to make reparation for all going on in the world today ... for all those that do not adore, do not believe, hope or love! And we also need to pray for our loved ones and those we hold dear who may be too into the world to realize that God's really there and waiting for them to return His Love.

Both of these chaplets will be made to order. Your choice of color and beads; wire or corded. The basic price is $18 for acrylics or glass in 6mm. Till the end of Lent, I'll extend that to include even 8mm beads for the same price. There are instructions on how to pray each chaplet on the site ... just click the names. They're very easy chaplets to learn.

Want them for $15 during Lent only? Then send me an email with $15 chaplet in the subject line and they're yours. Please note, if you use the buttons on the site, you'll be charged the full $18 .. nothing I can do about that.

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