Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bishop Vasa: They Shouldn’t Accept Communion at Mass

When Sonoma County Pro-Life advertised its annual Rally for Life held last Sunday, it promised that its keynote speaker — Santa Rosa Bishop Robert Vasa — “is sure to challenge and inspire us all.” Bishop Vasa did not let them down.

“Any government leader, particularly those who claim to be Christian, who claim to be pro-choice, is unworthy of public office,” Bishop Vasa told the rally at Old Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa on Jan. 22. “Absolutely unworthy and absolutely unfit for public office.”
Politicians who support abortion are “as guilty of abortion as those who choose it themselves,” he said. And Roe v. Wade, said Bishop Vasa, was an “illicit and invalid” decision.

Because of its pro-abortion policies, said Bishop Vasa, the U.S. is no longer “the land of the free and the home of the brave. It’s a land of the imprisoned and the home of the cowards.”
The bishop’s remarks, reported the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, brought cheers from a crowd of about 100 people who gathered in the afternoon rain to hear his speech.

“Vasa suggested such leaders who publicly hold such a position shouldn’t accept communion at Mass,” reported the Press Democrat. “He also said they could be excommunicated, or banished from the church through their actions.”
“In some ways, they excommunicate themselves,” the Press Democrat quoted the bishop as saying in an interview following his speech.

“If he learned a politician expressed a position so out of line with Catholic beliefs, then he would first try to have a ‘face-to-face’ with that person and urge them to recant their remarks,” said the Press Democrat. “If they did not, then that person would be ‘on thin ice.’”
According to the Press Democrat, Bishop Vasa conceded that the Church “tends to resist” the explicit excommunication of pro-abortion Catholics, but in an apparent reference to automatic self-excommunication, the bishop was quoted by the newspaper as saying, “I, for one, if someone wants to put hot coals on their own head, I say fine.”


  1. God Bless the good bishop for speaking out against those who are pro-choice and hold public office. He's right, they are cowards and unfit to hold public office. The pro-choice crowd is against life so they unable to uphold and defend the Constitution. That makes them unfit for public service.

    Many blessings sent your way, Ancient Soul.

  2. Hello Teresa .. so nice to hear from you again! Hope things are well for you and your dear husband. We are in the throws of SEVERE warfare and it's just the tip of the iceburg ... it seems that our side might be on the upswing with this one though, praise God! But when satan loses a battle he loosens his reserves because of his inordinate pride and acts wacky ... so expect bizaar occurances! BTW ... I've (yesterday) been diagnosed with yet another medical malady lol .. temporal arteritis ... they didn't want to wait and set the biopsy up today at 11:30EST, so prayers much appreciated. I just hope they don't leave any leaks in my head when the diagnostics are over! ;) .. Thanks sweetie .. and don't get old willya!??!?! I keep telling folks that but NO ONE EVER LISTENS TO ME! ;)