Monday, September 26, 2011

Sorry Folks ... maybe Goodbye Websites

Hello folks.

As many of you know, I run a few websites and make rosaries and jewelry. About a week ago, one website I did for a friend got hacked ( I've taken that down because even deleting the found code.php file hasn't fixed things and now Battlebeads is giving out warnings and likely the rest of them will as well. The infections have been traced to Russia ... thanks so much, Comrads.

With my health as it is, I'm not sure I'm up to dealing with all of this and am not certain I will be putting the websites back up. Damn shame, starkvisions has been around since 1997! I have my poem and page up for a tribute to my parents and some friends that have died on There's poetry on I also recently got and that I haven't even done anything with yet ... I likely never will now.

I will still keep this blog because *I* don't have to host it so no worries for me if it goes down and no more late nights trying to fix things. I will still make rosaries and jewelry and I guess that will be mostly here and on FaceBook as far as pictures of what's available go. Most work was custom orders anyway, so perhaps it won't be so bad. If folks want something I can give a paypal money request via email rather than them clicking on the site buttons.

Perhaps I'll even do a FREE hosting site so when I'm aggravated by mishaps, at least I won't be PAYING FOR THEM anymore. Either way, I ask for your kind prayers. I have some medical tests coming up in the next couple weeks, plus winter approaches in the north country here in NH and the roof still isn't fixed. Lots to think about. I am not sure I can take on this additional stress right now. There's a facebook button here and I have a BB page on facebook in addition to my personal FB page. You can also find me on Twitter as @AncientSoul.

Perhaps by the grace of God this will work out and I will be able to keep the websites, but I'm not banking on it and just wanted to let folks know what the deal is now and what may happen in the future. Please keep me in your kind prayers and send some warm thoughts over to NH if ya would please and thanky!
God bless!

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