Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Confession IS VERY Important

Michael has some wonderful words on the importance of Confession, something many Catholics take WAAAAAY too lightly today for the most part! We, as humans, are practically constantly in a state of missing the mark, merely by virtue of our humanity. Try as we might, the world, it's pressures, worries, problems and pains are just too much for our weak flesh to endure for any length of time without the much needed strength received through grace by the most MERCIFUL Sacrament of Confession.

I remember being a kid and being afraid of Confession. Now that I understand more by the grace of God and have a deeper Faith, I RUN TO CONFESSION (well I would if I COULD! LOL) Jesus acts through the priest. A 'man' doesn't grant you absolution. But Jesus in His great Mercy, let's our poor hearts hear the beautiful words of absolution as a comfort and outward sign of His abundant Love!

Our salvation is an ongoing process, Confession helps keep us on the right path, that one day, we might spend eternity and live as we were initially meant to live ... in the Presence of our Glorious Triune God, our Blessed Immaculate Mother, the angels, saints and all those we ever held dear! Our God IS an AWESOME GOD!

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