Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pray for the Bishops & ALL clergy!

I've been begging for a while now to pray for all clergy, even those in formation and yes, even us lay faithful. The times in which we live are precarious to say the least. Satan knows his time is getting shorter and shorter and the vile anger from him and his demons spills over onto humanity in various forms from illnesses to murder all over the globe. The Church is the only thing holding the world together. Jesus promised the gates of hell would not prevail, but He never said it wouldn't be dragged through the mud. I believe that the Church is going through its passion and perhaps soon to be crucified. She will follow her Bridegroom. And as we all take up our crosses, we are sure to also share in His glorious Resurrection.
MEANWHILE: We need to pray like there's no tomorrow. Pray like it's going out of style. Pray like our lives depend on it ... cuz THEY DO. Our eternal souls hang in the balance. You can't see the air, but you need it to breathe. You can't see the electricity that powers your appliances, but you need it to function. Know full well that the supernatural graces that come from the Sacraments and devout prayer are ESSENTIAL to our spiritual lives HERE AND NOW ... as we travail this valley of tears on our way HOME.
The Priests, Bishops and Religious have a hard row to hoe these days, they need all our prayers and support. They need the RESPECT they once had returned to them. But they need to follow Rome and the Pope with more than empty words, and sometimes not even those. Please pray that all faithful, but mostly the CLERGY "receive the grace required to be the servants God desires!"


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