Saturday, June 25, 2011

Open Note to Father Corapi

Just in case he missed it in the gazillion comments on his website: 

Dear Father,

First of all I'm certain that you must feel all the prayers for you around the world from lives you've already touched. I know this will help sustain you. I among others, am extremely perplexed with your recent turmoil and know that we'll never understand all the intrinsic twists and turns of this fiasco, but we need to support you in prayer and with additional penance.

I just would like to see if I have the right take on this.
I'm hearing you say that:
1. You are NOT leaving the priesthood.
2. You will continue preaching and thensome on broader topics to larger audiences, but without your collar.
Am I correct in assuming (yes I KNOW the adage) .....
....that rather than lying dormant till and IF this thing is resolved, you choose to continue working and teaching the IN YOUR FACE TRUTH that you're so well known for?
....that the only reason you choose not to physically return to your community is you of course, would not want to give up your other dog(s) and prefer to stay in the surroundings you're used to?
....that if and WHEN this IS finalized, you would happily put your collar back on and preach as you did?

Is this an option with your order to have your faculties restored when your name is cleared but until then you can continue as a 'lay' speaker?

Father ... and you'll always BE "FATHER" to most of us .... I know you realize you are well followed, but if we foot soldiers lose your strength and strategy on the battlefield, we will certainly be at a MAJOR disadvantage, not to mention loss of moral and ultimately troops resulting from your decisions and actions. You have said that you realize you hold souls in the balance by virtue of your priesthood and you're not willing to go to hell for anyone. Please consider this well; you have done SO MUCH GOOD.

I don't even care if you're guilty or innocent. The way I feel, You're HUMAN and God's treasury of Compassion is ENDLESS ... so IF you fell, you can choose to be Peter instead of Judas always. But I can well understand not wanting to stop preaching in SOME capacity to just lay down till it's over because satan has such a strong foothold in the world today. It's just the obedience thing that I'm struggling with, so perhaps your order will give its blessing on you doing lay preaching till such time as things are resolved and you can wear your collar again.

Bottom line is WE NEED YOU FATHER ... we really need you and so do Jesus and Mary need you to keep that stark Truth in our faces! We really care Father and you will always remain in our prayers! God bless and may you follow the leanings of the Holy Spirit and always receive the grace required to be the servant God desires!

~Mary ... and the Church Militant

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