Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Mother's Love and the REAL Objective of the Clergy

No matter what today's world says or offers or seemingly bestows for FREE on we Church militant, we need to look to the TRUTH for the real answers. This TRUTH must come from the ONE SOURCE, the REAL AUTHORITY passed down through Apostolic succession throughout the ages, even to us here today.
That which demands that the initial objective is still the same as it was 2K yrs ago:
Too many fully professed have become 'professional catholics' relaxing in the worlds pomp and praise ... bowing before the public that acclaims them for giving them what their itching ears long to hear. The only objective is to get souls to heaven. This is done by giving the TRUTH, in it's ENTIRETY ... in season and out of season ... whether convenient or inconvenient. Each day brings us nearer to the time of judgement, whether our own personal judgements or the final judgement for all, it matters not. We will all answer for our sins ... yes, even the sins of OMISSION. We are all called to give testimony for our Faith, a reason why we believe. Our actions need to speak more loudly than our words ... this even more so for the clergy. Please pray that all clergy receive the grace required to be the servants God desires and preach the FULL TRUTH regardless of public opinion. To him that has been given much, much will be expected. And for those with anointed hands ... I think very much will be expected ... I beg all priests, tell the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing BUT THE TRUTH ... so HELP YOU GOD! 

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