Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fr. Corapi

I would imagine most have already heard the news on Father John Corapi. I am still digesting what has been presented as facts.
For my part, I'm not leaning one way or the other. I am going to trust and pray while leaving it totally up to God.

I will say that both myself and @alwayscatholic (and I'm sure many others) felt uneasy with the change of his physical appearance and mention of his female trainer even though her husband was also mentioned in the video. We couldn't figure why it was pertinent to mention anything more than 'working out' or 'trainers' at all. However, it was more specifically mentioned and that with the facial hair dye left us both feeling uneasy. From that video on, we began praying for him. When on Ash Wednesday, we heard the news of the accusations we were extremely saddened although not totally shocked. This in NO WAY means either of us believe the accusations. From what I understand, it appears a most disgruntled female employee who was fired, vowed to make his life miserable and destroy him and it seems that she is making good on that vow.  As he asks, prayers for ALL concerned are paramount. It is MOST unfortunate that matters such as this are handled in such a way that makes it seem like guilt has already been presumed. Hopefully, if nothing else, the light shed on this particular incident might assist in changing procedures to help the accused be viewed in a more innocent light unless positive proof accompanies the accusation.

Words and hearsay should not be able to kill a ministry that has produced good fruit.

There is no question that Fr. Corapi has done much over the years to spread the TRUTH in a way like no other. Perhaps after the order of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen in a manner of speaking. He has touched souls and changed lives. Nothing can take that away. I'm sure his tapes and merchandise will continue to reach souls for decades to come. And I'm glad. No one can say he didn't have a gift for preaching and hitting the nail on the head with his IN YOUR FACE TRUTH that he was so well known for. I'm not sure how I feel about his decision to come out as the "BlackSheepDog". Perhaps a little more prayer and consternation may have been a better choice rather than feeling compelled to say 'something' on the anniversary of his ordination. Regardless, now, it's done.

The Church, especially the Western Church here in the USA, has been needing prayer for decades now and is undergoing severe trials both from within and without. I've been begging for prayers for priests and all clergy for a long time now and the Public Penance Program that never got off the ground seems more important now than ever. We need to SERIOUSLY pray for the Church and keep our priests, bishops, religious and ALL clergy in prayer DAILY without fail!

Satan's time is shorter than before and he's none too happy about it ... it seems attacks have been stepped up on all levels from the Vatican down to us common lay folks. Don't let anyone kid you ..... the hardships, turmoil, illnesses and (emotional, financial and physical) stresses we are all experiencing now are no illusion and not by accident.

I believe either way, Fr. Corapi could come back strong. He's HUMAN .. IF he fell ... like the rest of us, he repents and continues on.  Is not God's Treasury of Compassion inexhaustible? If he's totally innocent, he picks up the pieces and continues on. He preaches WELL and we need that in today's world. I for one believe that if we lose his voice on the battlefield of souls, we will have a great loss indeed. Pray hard that we keep him on our side!

I don't want to get into a 'whole 'nuther topic' here, so suffice it to say we NEED to pray DAILY ... for MANY things, but mostly for the Church and our clergy. It's THEIR strength that WE need .. if they fall, who do we have to strengthen us here? We are ALL called to give a reason for our Faith and strengthen one another in that Faith. How many are truly prepared to do this? How CAN it be done without constant daily prayer? Please pray for the Church, our priests, bishops, religious, deacons and all clergy. 
And as it says in the USA Chaplet: "..... to strengthen the faithful, renew the lukewarm, restore the fallen away and convert the proud."
Hold FATHER Corapi (once a priest ALWAYS a priest) in prayer, that he is guided by the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit in all he does from this point onward. 

Lex orandi
Lex credendi
Lex vivendi !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. I think all we can do is pray and hope for the best. Prayers become more powerful when multiplied, so let's do that to find the truth that only God can provide.

  2. Thanks for visiting Lady and right you are ... prayer is best and prayers multiplied even better! God bless!