Monday, May 9, 2011

Now offering Gold Filled!

I am pleased to report that I now can also offer 14K gold filled wire and components in all creations! I have done much research on gold filled items and spoken with many local jewelers who assure me that gold filled will wear just like regular 14K or 18K gold. They say the difference is that it's bonded with heat and pressure not just dipped like gold plated or electroplate. I must admit, it sure looks PURRRRRRRDY! ;)

So now I can offer:
  • regular non tarnish silver and gold plated
  • copper
  • brass
  • bronze
  • sterling silver
  • gold filled
Most of the rosaries and other items will be made with the non tarnish silver plated wire which is really nice and does hold up well. If different, it will be clearly displayed in the description and I'm sure you will notice the difference in price as well! But even so, I am sure I can keep things lower than most because this to me is not a 'business'. It's more of an apostolate ... kind of like a hobby that sometimes sells. The aim being to put rosaries, chaplets and sacramentals into the hands of people that will USE THEM :) I believe this is why the 1st class relic of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos came to me quite out of the blue just after I began this endeavor. So all the rosaries and chaplets are touched to this, making them 3rd class relics automatically!

Don't let my 'lower than most' prices scare you. It certainly doesn't mean my materials are less than theirs or that my workmanship leaves anything to be desired. In fact, I welcome you to hold my work up next to any brick and mortar jeweler for comparison :) You will notice my links, form, focal and components are symmetrical as well as uniform in shape and in proportion to the piece. You will find accurate and true descriptions on all my offerings. Please also look closely at my links, rings and workmanship in general. You'll look long and hard to find an open link, loop, ring or any loose caps! :) My beads do not slide on the wire and as long as the bead permits, I lock link the wire back into the bead. This is different than wire wrapping but it still provides much more security than an unclosed link on a loose bead wire. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, always have been, always will be! And this, most important work for the Lord and our Lady is no exception. If any repair is ever needed, it will be done free of charge of course! More info on the site about materials and guarantees may be found here. There's a slideshow of my work on the right hand side bar here on the blog for your review → →

When you purchase a BATTLEBEADS item, you can be certain that the FULL description is true and accurate. You will always know exactly what materials are incorporated in your piece without any guessing!

I really am amazed with the contacts I've accumulated from sometimes unknown and unexpected sources since I began this endeavor. Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways, as we all can attest to, I'm sure! There have been prayers shared, prayers answered, prayers offered and prayers received ... we're all one in the Body of Christ and what a treasure to share in the Communion of Saints, both here, in heaven and purgatory!

I will be accumulating more GF components as well as SS. Right now I have some of each, but I will most certainly be getting more in the near future.
I also got in some very nice brown #36 cord which is wonderful for adjustable rosary bracelets as well as the larger wood beads rosaries. I have LOTS of great Swarovski Element crystals as well as Preciosa, Hematite (not the fake hemikyke) in magnetized and non magnetized, miracle beads, Job's Tears, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Cultured Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Crystal Pearls ... too much to list!

Well I don't want to write a book here, please visit the website and if you don't see something that strikes you, I've been told that I'm really good at turning ideas and dreams into reality ;)

Meanwhile, let's all keep looking up, as they say .. in joyful hope and grateful thanks to the One Who deserves our ALL in time and through eternity!

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