Saturday, April 23, 2011

While Jesus Is Away Today .......

........ let's take this time to really review and reconsider what we have in the Blessed Eucharistic Presence ... the REAL & TRUE PRESENCE. Let us wake up tomorrow, Easter morning, renewed and on fire with love of God, giving Him the honor and glory befitting of the King of the Universe. After all, did He not give ALL FOR US, even at our WORST?!

Gabriel is a young man I've been familiar with for some time now. His love and devotion is a blessing to witness as he touches many many people, both young and old. He speaks from the heart and his heart is filled with the Holy Spirit. A very wise man for his years indeed. Enjoy this video and take his message to heart.

Let us begin anew with the Eternal Flame, the Eternal Hope, our Eternal Triune God, King of Endless Glory, to Him be all praise, honor and glory in time and through eternity!

And may you, your friends, family and all those you hold dear share in the blessings and joy of this Easter Season!

As an aside here, those of us that are disabled and cannot even go to Mass let alone daily adoration, can always do our adoration where ever we are. There's even an online Adoration Chapel where we can have our 'Holy Hour' at home. You will find that shortly after you begin ... your 'hour' grows all by itself ;)


  1. Thanks for visiting Christina and leaving your comment! May you and those you hold dear be blessed this Easter Season and evermore :)