Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Road To ....... ?

We all have our own ideas about things ... life, afterlife, heaven and hell. Our ideas are formed by what we've learned at the side of our parents, taught by our teachers, witnessed in our lives as we grow into the people we are at this very moment. But actual TRUTH and what we justify as truth as two different things. TRUTH is NOT relative. Truth is immutable .. it cannot change, anything else is a lie. What good would it be to have a court of law if everyone had their OWN interpretation of *truth*? It would be a hysterical travesty of monumental proportions. There can be only ONE TRUTH, His Name is Jesus and He's given us the Catholic (which means UNIVERSAL/ONE) Church to teach us HIS WAY & TRUTH so we can have TRUE LIFE.
Environment and experiences have formed us and continues to form us as we voluntarily place ourselves in various company and situations. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why it is SO very important to AVOID the near occasions of sin.
When we subject our selves to a certain situation or place or anything over and over, we condition ourselves to accept it a bit easier each time we 'visit'. This is ESPECIALLY true of THOUGHTS! And yes, thoughts ARE sins WHEN ENTERTAINED and not repelled when realized we're day dreaming. And sins are thoughts transformed into actions. How can we commit a sin without first thinking of it and entertaining it in our minds eye, often times, complete with EXCUSES if we're caught as a means of escape and 'justification'.
Today, living in the world as it is, busy as we are with our lives and jobs and having FUN, we need to be VERY careful that we're not sucked into the lie. I should actually say LIES. There are so many of them today that the world (satan) would have us believe. Everything from there's no hell to no matter what you do, God will understand as long as you believe in Him. Well satan BELIEVES IN GOD and where does *he* live?
God is Love. Yes He most surely IS LOVE, however, that LOVE demands justice and how easy would it be for you to 'love' someone that kept avoiding you or speaking ill of you or perhaps worse yet ... ignoring you altogether?
Rather than go into all the whys and hows, suffice it to say that you must be certain you are formed correctly in the Faith and not just making up your OWN RULES as you go along or embracing the rules of the world that SEEM warm, soft and cozy. There IS hell, there IS the devil and you WILL put YOURSELF there if you don't repent of your sins and beg forgiveness. We need to stop living like this is all there is and treating eternity as if it's a fantasy.
Better yet, beg God that every breath you take and every beat of your heart, brings you to know Him better, love Him more and trust and serve Him always.  
THAT *WILL* get you on the right path!

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