Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Request from Irish Catholics to keep Abortion out of Ireland

Please keep this most important petition in your daily prayers! THANK YOU!

Here in Ireland, we are getting ready to face a General Election and possibly a new government. Please read the letter and if you are in Ireland please help to keep abortion out of Ireland. If you are living outside Ireland, continue to pray with us.

Our Lady of Knock, pray for us and for the unborn.

Re: General Election 2011

The General Election has been called and we have just received new postcards from the printers today, directed at the leaders of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour. As you are aware, following the European Court of Human Rights' decision against Ireland, the Labour party promised to legislate for abortion if in Government - quite wide-ranging abortion. Also, there is still the problem of getting legislation to protect human embryos outside the body of the mother. We are seeking commitments from party leaders and also from candidates, not to legislate for abortion and to protect human embryos.

There is no need to legislate for abortion to comply with the European Court's ruling. It can be dealt with in acceptable ways but as Labour has had a pro-abortion policy over many years, they are determined to push for legislation. The danger is that, if one were to believe the polls, Labour could end up as the largest party in the Dáil or alternatively part of a coalition government.

Please send the postcards to the party leaders. We'll also have election flyers in the next few days for distribution locally, calling on voters to seek public commitments from candidates and parties on the pro-life issue. To order leaflets or postcards, please ring 01-6629275 or email The next few weeks will be an absolutely critical time for the right-to-life. This is, therefore, an urgent plea to you to commit to helping our campaign in whatever practical ways you see fit.

With best wishes and regards,
Yours sincerely
John O'Reilly
Secretary, Pro Life Campaign, 104 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

PS: If you visit our website at; there are virtual postcards which you can send, not only to the party leaders, but to other candidates as well.


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