Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Cutting out a Cancerous Tumor, you better get the ROOT

I grew up in the 50's. Oh yeah .. .there were still secrets then, but not as much and not as pronounced and definitely not as blatant. To hear of divorce gave the average person pause. It was not taken lightly. Neither were any of the sexual deviations of the time which were kept tightly under wraps from the shame they rightly deserved. However today, satan has most of us SO caught up in pleasure, demands, calling lies truth and truth lies and accepting any abnormality that rears its ugly head so that NO ONE IS OFFENDED, that we have become victims of our own complacency by the relativism we so willingly acquiesced.

I have said it for some time now ... the sexual union between a MARRIED MAN AND WOMAN is a beautiful GIFT of sanctity and NOT a recreational activity to be PLAYED with like minded INDIVIDUALS! But we want what makes us feel good NOW and we don't care that it lasts only a few moments ... we're willing to suffer ETERNALLY to get those few moments ... HOW UTTERLY INSANE IS THAT?????????????

Bottom line is that our deviant lifestyles and recreational sex lives have led us to believe that it's OK to use any contraceptive available to avoid CREATING LIFE so that we can have OUR FUN. And if a life is created by a MISHAP of contraceptive FAILURE, well, no problem ... we'll JUST MURDER THE BABY. Murder sounds too nasty so many like to call it TERMINATING THE PREGNANCY or aborting the fetus tissue. They say it's not a human life? So what does this TISSUE turn into if left to mature? A GIRAFFE??? It's a B-A-B-Y! NOT a blob of TISSUE ... NOT a cell that turns INTO an EMBRYO ... A BABY FROM THE MOMENT OF CONCEPTION ... A BABY, A CHILD ... A HUMAN LIFE!!!!!!!!!

We are murdering our children so that we can screw around with whomever we choose to get those few moments of 'bliss'. And even so .. HOW MANY ARE FAKING EVEN "THAT"???
Yet, we STILL KILL THE CHILDREN! How is this any different than offering human sacrifice to the volcano gods? Just a different package, but makes satan just as happy.

So ... if we want to stop abortion, we must cut this cancer out at the root ~ and the root is our deviant lifestyles that say that contraception is fine and when it fails well just abort.

Stop the abortions?
Stop the contraception!
Stop the contraception?
USE SEX AS IT WAS INTENDED: as a sacramental gift between married couples collaborating with God Himself to create NEW LIFE! 

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