Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be Afraid .. BE VERY AFRAID!!!

Thankfully this is NOT the norm in most parishes, however, it's SCARY that it happens at ALL in ANY parish!! I found this today at the Catholic Answers forum and I couldn't help but to share it here:
"Dear Apologists,

This Advent, our parish Priest took to bringing a (live!!) chicken into the Church every week - he called it the 'Christmas Chicken' and said that it represented 'the spirit of Christmas' (whatever that has to do with saying Mass I don't know!!). He insisted that each week in Advent during intercessions one prayer was directed NOT TO GOD but to the 'Christmas Chicken', which was allowed to wander freely around the altar during Mass, that we all feel 'wonderfully Christmassy happy' during Advent. I tried to address the matter with the Priest directly, but he simply implied I was being a spoilsport. Was I right to think that there was something amiss here? What further action should I take, if any?

I should say that I am new at my Parish, and don't necessarily feel terribly comfortable confronting the Priest directly.

Yours in Christ."

Now, the response by Fr. Serpa was of course to let the Bishop know and that the spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Christ's gift of Himself, not a Christmas chicken!
Is it even POSSIBLE that a priest could HONESTLY believe this is PERMISSIBLE, let alone blow off a parishioner that questioned it? Does satan have THAT much hold on even those fully professed now? It's clear from the news that we're being given truth for lies and visa versa, just as the bible said we would ... but sometimes, I can hardly believe the absurdity of what passes as CATHOLIC today *with* the blessing (ahem) of the priests and bishops. Well I shouldn't group all of them in there .. there are some VERY GOOD HOLY priests and religious out there -- THANK GOD!! But we all need to pray that the ones that are NOT receive the grace that's required to be the servants GOD DESIRES!!

In keeping with the above thread, today's Vortex fits right in nicely ...

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