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Holy Family Radio: Donald De Marco Discusses Ayn Rand

Posted By Lisa Graas on December 18, 2010

Many thanks to Mike Janocik of WLCR 1040, Holy Family Radio, and WLCR marketing director Jennifer Dillman, for sending me the audio file of Mike’s interview with Dr. Donald de Marco. I have put together a video, below. Many times on this blog, I have mentioned Dr. De Marco’s book Architects of the Culture of Death in which twenty-three famed modern philosophers, including Ayn Rand, are noted for their ‘contributions’ to Western culture’s rejection of human dignity. I strongly recommend the book.
In this interview, Dr. De Marco spends thirty minutes explaining the philosophy of Ayn Rand as expressed in her books, public life and personal relationships. The interview took place just two days ago, December 16, 2010, and is presented in the context of the growth in interest for Rand’s philosophy, particularly as a response to the government overreaches of the Obama Administration.
This is a very important interview, particularly for Catholics who may be interested in Ayn Rand. As Dr. DeMarco explains, Rand’s philosophy stands in direct opposition to Christianity, but particularly in stark opposition to the Catholic Faith’s teachings on suffering and redemption, not to mention our role in bringing about a culture of life. That is, a culture that exhibits a profound respect for human dignity.
Mike mentions that he has come into contact with conservative Catholics who appreciate Ayn Rand’s philosophy. The question is, should we reject Ayn Rand outright? Or should we consider her works something worthy of consideration? Dr. De Marco answers the question by merely pointing out the sharp contradictions between Rand’s philosophy and the Catholic Faith.
The video is in four parts, in a YouTube playlist. Click the ‘Play’ arrow and when the first video finishes, click the arrow on the right of the screen to start the next part, if it does not auto-play.


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