Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do you know What YOUR Diocese Believes and TEACHES?

I wonder what would happen if we ALL went to our Bishops or even the Arch Bishops asking point blank where they stand on things ... the important controversial topics that are being accepted under the guise of social justice and pushing us forcefully through the gates of hell. WE the LAITY need to ASK these questions and IF we are told by someone with ANOINTED HANDS that these things are *alright* and we're being too *radical* and *judgemental* ... well then WE need to (WITH CHARITY) tell them how wrong they are and REMIND them that they will account for the souls that were led astray on their watch!! I'm sure many of them have been duped by the world, popularity and position, but if they've got a lick of honesty left in them, these reminders will (by the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT) make them rethink their ethics and perhaps with much prayer, worry more about God loving them than man liking them. PLEASE PRAY FOR YOUR PRIESTS, NUNS, BISHOPS & ALL CLERGY .. and of course for each other. We need to be STRENGTHENED in the Faith, we need to beg grace so that those lukewarm catholics may be RENEWED, that the fallen away may be RESTORED and most importantly, for the PROUD to be CONVERTED!

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