Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Lesser of Two Evils?

Well I purposely didn't comment on this when I first saw the news that Archbishop Dolan now heads the USCCB. Although I've left comments on Courageous Priest and some other places in my travels regarding my confusion about why everyone seemed so happy, I have reserved my personal blog comment till now. I must admit that when I saw an initial interview with Dolan when he arrived in NY (my old stomping grounds), he seemed like a really nice down to earth kinda guy. I'm not saying that has changed per say, but just that he should remember that often times, nice guys finish last ... and lose it all. 
What we really need in every parish and diocese is for priests and bishops to develop the backbones required to STAND STRAIGHT in the face of popular opinion realizing that relativism and complacency is killing the country and sending souls to perdition! And that is what I beg all to pray for ... strong clergy that stand for the TRUTH in the Way HE taught through apostolic succession as they are meant to do. The primary objective has always been to lead souls to heaven!!!!
Now I realize that the alternative was much worse connected to "THE SCANDALS" *shudders* and all the rest, but as I mentioned elsewhere, wasn't it Dolan who just a short time ago, sat smiling and greeting the LGBT members of a certain Manhattan Church in his diocese during a Mass where they were welcomed to partake of the Eucharist?
It gives me pause as well to have heard also that he is of the opinion that the current state of the Church in America is "going well". Michael Voris give a much more informative perspective that I can at the moment, so I invite you to have a look at the video below ... and PRAY ... PRAY ... PRAY for your priests and all religious and clergy that they receive the graces required to be the servants God desires!

In Somewhat Of A Surprise…
Archbishop Timothy Dolan Has Been Elected President
Of The United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops!
Well this is a pleasant surprise .... is it really?
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