Thursday, October 14, 2010

Perspective? Insight? or In your Face TRUTH?

Easy to point fingers today at the Church isn't it? I mean satan (lower case on purpose) has it all tied up in a neat little package to discredit and malign the Church and her servants, especially the 'servant of the servants'. What many don't realize/understand/want-to-admit is that the RCC is targeted for a REASON. Forget about religion for a moment. If you are trying to take a military position and want to win battles that bring you closer to winning the war, then you pick your targets wisely and with much consternation. Christ is the Foundation, He is truly Present in the Eucharist (this is HOW He is with us till the end of time as He promised). If Christ is the Source and Summit of the Church and the Priest is the one that consecrates the elements bringing about Transubstantiation, what better target than discrediting the priests, thinning the numbers and eventually eliminating the the most Powerful Source of grace Truly Present in this, our most Perfect Sacrifice?
Folks really need to read AA-1025. A very short true paperback novel documenting how one 'priest' was the 1,025th person sent into the priesthood to destroy it from the inside out. VERY ENLIGHTENING with brow raising memories if you were alive like I was during Vatican II. A very easy afternoon read that you will find compelling.
Anyway, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what could be written on this subject. But I will stop now before I get out of hand.
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  1. Excellent post!!

    You are absolutely right about satan targeting or tempting priests and using them to try and destroy the Church from within. We must keep up the good fight against satan and all his works. We must even fight against those priests who are misusing their gifts for evil. Prayer is the ultimate answer.

    God Bless!

  2. Thank you Teresa! Yes .. prayer, fasting, supplication and penance is sorely needed now! And of course, opposition, however firm, is always tempered with charity :) Daily rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and of course the USA Chaplet! :)