Tuesday, September 21, 2010

God Bless our "Cheeky" Holy Father!

It's true that the English have many quaint words to describe things that are whimsical yet accurate to the rest of us not overly familiar with them all, not to mention many times; spot on. I think CHEEKY is one of those terms. However 'cheeky' our Holy Father was in his speeches and silent stances, one thing is certain .. he gave them IN YOUR FACE TRUTH in a respectful, loving and forthright manner while pointing clearly to the direction that leads to Truth, joy and our ultimate destination of heaven. All this he did while being encouraging and bestowing honor on one of the UK's own that didn't let public opinion sway him from the Truth when he found it. Blessed Cardinal John Newman! All the publicized hate towards Pope Benedict before he even left the Vatican, seemed to quickly disappear and certainly the overall trip was a spectacular success.
Just goes to show ya ... all the prayers before his trip and during were not left unheard ;)
God bless our German Shepherd we need to pray daily for his intentions, his strength, health and for his continued safety.

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