Monday, August 2, 2010

Weapons of MASS Destruction

Share this with ALL YOU KNOW.  We were given the 'heads up' the other day that this was coming ... well here it is. There is MUCH I could say, but to any faithful Catholic, it needs no introduction. I urge you to get a couple hours to yourself ... this is in 2 parts, about an hour each. DO NOT MISS THIS .. NOT A MOMENT OF IT. Furthermore, I URGE YOU TO GIVE YOUR FINANCIAL & PRAYERFUL SUPPORT TO Real Catholic TV, Michael Voris and staff for the time, sacrifice, research and CHARITY that goes into each of these productions.
There is no embed code so I will give you their link. Part two is right below this, just read the page. Then look at your respective Parishes and pray ... especially for your Bishops and priests as well as your own eternal soul!

Here's Michael giving a short synopsis of the most recent CIA production: 

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