Saturday, May 8, 2010

Are You a RADICAL? ... You SHOULD Be!

The time for sitting on the fence is nearly over ... the day is far spent, the sun will soon set ... where will YOU BE? What side will YOU be on? Do you say you're a staunch Catholic, but are afraid to get INVOLVED? Afraid of what others will THINK OF YOU?

Well, where would we be today if the APOSTLES would have thought that? Were they not radicals in their day? Did they not die for love of God and what they devoutly believed? We live in a world where we want it all and we want it NOW and we want it HANDED TO US ON A SILVER PLATTER without ANY EFFORT on our part ... HORSE MANURE!!!

Wake up folks ... pick a side and ACT ... the VERY LEAST EVERYONE can do is pray the daily ROSARY as our Lady begs! You want to do more, that's great! Those that can speak ... DO SO! Those that can write, get out your pens! Those that can teach ... BEGIN NOW! BUT Let's ALL so SOMETHING ... we ARE standing on a precipice ... we're all going to have to take that final step into eternity at some point either alone in death or collectively if Jesus returns in our lifetimes.

Either way, there's only TWO possible directions we can go in once we take that step ... UP or DOWN. We make our choice HERE. As with contrition, to be sorry for sin because of fear of loss of heaven is 'acceptable' ... but how much better to be sorry for LOVE OF GOD for His Own Sake?

Think folks ... and thank the Apostles every day for what they insured would be passed down to us ... Pray for your Bishop's and Priest's, that they receive the grace to permit them to be the shepherds that the Lord would have them be ... after His Own Heart!

God bless us all and God bless the USA!

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