Great Video Homilies


I began playing PRIESTVILLE on Facebook to see what it was about. There's a few things here and there the average Catholic might learn which is welcomed today. However, today I found something new in the game. Daily Mass. Now that they've incorporated this ... I'm hooked ... may I invite you to Join my PriestVille Diocese!?
I will continue to post many of the homilies here for your review, especially needed today!

Unfortunately, they've discontinued the homilies on Priestville .. but they have at least replaced them with daily readings. This section will be for random Great Homilies now ... a good homily is a good homily, right? ;) 

Sin and Salvation


 Love and Treasures 

Are You Investing in your Soul for Eternity or your Flesh for the World?

Do You Know Who YOU Are?

Foolishness and Disunity

Holy Spirit