Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Pope Urgently Calls Catholics to Counter President Obama’s “Radical Secularism” on Freedom of Religion

What did Pope Benedict say?
“… it is imperative that the entire Catholic community in the United States come to realize the grave threats to the Church’s public moral witness presented by a radical secularism which finds increasing expression in the political and cultural spheres. The seriousness of these threats needs to be clearly appreciated at every level of ecclesial life. Of particular concern are certain attempts being made to limit that most cherished of American freedoms, the freedom of religion. Many of you have pointed out that concerted efforts have been made to deny the right of conscientious objection on the part of Catholic individuals and institutions with regard to cooperation in intrinsically evil practices. Others have spoken to me of a worrying tendency to reduce religious freedom to mere freedom of worship without guarantees of respect for freedom of conscience.”

“Here once more we see the need for an engaged, articulate and well-formed CATHOLIC LAITY endowed with a strong critical sense vis-√†-vis the dominant culture and with the courage to counter a reductive secularism which would delegitimize the Church’s participation in public debate about the issues which are determining the FUTURE OF AMERICAN SOCIETY.”

When did he say this?
On January 19, 2012, the day before President Obama’s religious freedom crushing HHS mandate was announced.
Why didn’t you know about It?
Most Catholics don’t read the Pope’s letters and the letters are not reported on widely in the media.
Who is limiting religious freedom and denying Catholic individuals and institutions the right of conscientious objection with regard to cooperation in intrinsically evil practices?
President Barack Obama
Do you trust Pope Benedict XVI when he says there are threats to religious freedom or do you trust President Obama when he says there are none?
Your answer here.
What are you going to do about it?
Your answer here.

O Holy Spirit, strengthen us to defend all that is holy.
by: Peter L. Hodges Sr.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday oh Mary most holy! Mother of us all ... Queen of heaven and earth. Our human capacity it too limited to fully appreciate your love and constant intercession for all your children; ...those who recognize you, those who love you, those who ignore you, those that despise you. Mary FULL OF GRACE, how else could you have ever withstood your own passion in following the Passion of your beloved Son? A mothers love like no other to her Son .. to her God and Creator! And what great bond of love at the Wedding at Cana did our dear Lord manifest His Greatness when after you said they have no wine, He answered "Woman, what is that to Me? My hour is not yet come." Yet, for love of you and that He heard you tell the waiters to do what ever HE tells you ... His Love for You fulfilled your request, turning water into wine as His first public miracle. 

How pitiful those that don't call on you to intercede for them to your Beloved Son and our Beloved Lord and Savior. The human bond between mother and son is very strong  ... a mother's love is precious, special and gives ALL. How much more so for you and Jesus? We cannot comprehend the great love and bond that goes beyond human understanding, but in Faith, we come to you most Pure and Immaculate Mother, to take our pleas and trials to our Merciful Lord. Please tuck them softly close to His most Sacred Heart; there He will consider with mercy and love what His dear Mother asks of Him. 

You have come to us so many times throughout the centuries .. always with the same message ... PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and do penance! We know that the rosary has stopped wars, I pray that more pick up their rosaries in today's world which need to pray the Scriptures now, more than ever. Help us oh Mother most holy to deepen our devotion to you who only seeks to lead us to Jesus always! Help us to beg for the grace to fully embrace the Divine Will of our glorious Triune God and stand strong in the TRUTH that IS Jesus regardless of public opinion.

Who could be better than you dear Mother asking Jesus on our behalf to help us, make us stronger in Faith, accept our trials in union with His Passion and above all, to help increase our human capacity to know Him better, love Him more and trust and serve Him always!
So Happy Birthday Immaculate Mother, ever pure ..... and I thank you for your great love for humanity, especially for those that ignore your constant merciful love that intercedes for all of us night and day before the Lord our God! 

All that I am .. all that I have;  to Jesus through Mary, now and throughout eternity! 

 Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows
Oh my afflicted Mother! Queen of martyrs and of sorrows, thou didst so bitterly weep over thy Son, who died for my salvation; but what will thy tears avail me if I am lost? By the merit, then, of thy sorrows, obtain me true contrition for my sins, and a real amendment of life, together with constant and tender compassion for the sufferings of Jesus and thy dolours. And if Jesus and thou, being so innocent, have suffered so much for love of me, obtain that at least I, who am deserving of hell, may suffer something for your love. "Oh Lady," will I say with St. Bonaventure, "if I have offended thee, in justice wound my heart; if I have served thee, I now ask wounds for my reward. It is shameful to me to see my Lord Jesus wounded, and thee wounded with Him, and myself without a wound." In fine, Oh my Mother, by the grief thou didst experience in seeing thy Son bow down His head and expire on the cross in the midst of so many torments, I beseech thee to obtain me a good death. Ah, cease not, Oh advocate of sinners, to assist my afflicted soul in the midst of the combats in which it will have to engage on its great passage from time to eternity. And as it is probable that I may then have lost my speech, and strength to invoke thy name and that of Jesus, who are all my hope, I do so now; I invoke thy Son and thee to succor me in that last moment; and I say, Jesus and Mary, to you I commend my soul. Amen.

Monday, September 3, 2012

There Is No Such Thing as Football Fans Who Hate Football

Fr. John Hollowell: Agreeing with the Holy Father

“The Holy Father, during a recent Angelus address, said that if a Catholic doesn’t have the Faith anymore, it would be more honest to leave.  (Courageous Priest posted it Here.)
This confirms for me something I taught my students the past few years at Ritter – the idea that I have more respect for people who have thought through the issues and leave the Church than I do for the people who disagree with the Church on every conceivable issue of importance, but don’t do the intellectually honest thing and leave.

I’ve said many times I’d much rather talk to an atheist than a cafeteria Catholic because while an atheist has taken false premises to their true conclusion, a cafeteria Catholic has taken true premises through to false conclusions while also lacking the courage to ACT on those false conclusions.  Is there anything more illogical than that “catholics” who hate the Church?  There is no such thing as Twinkie fans who hate Twinkies, no such thing as Buddhists who hate Buddhism, and no such thing as football fans who hate football.

I’m glad to see the Pope confirm something I’ve felt for a long time – if people don’t like the Church, they should do the intellectually honest thing and leave.”