Monday, January 2, 2012

Pater's for Peace!!!

In prayer this afternoon, it came to me that we will REALLY need a lot of prayer in this new year. Jesus gave us the perfect prayer and it's one that ALL Christians can relate to, which will increase unity.

Let us go out into the world and ask others to pray the Lord's Prayer with us for Peace in the World. Waiting in a line somewhere or in an elevator, waiting room or on the street ... turn to someone and ask them if they would like to join you for a few seconds to recite the Lord's Prayer for World Peace.

Where 2 or more are gathered in His Name, there He is in the midst of them ;)

This may be uncomfortable at first .. but it WILL get easier and it will do a WORLD OF GOOD! If someone says they don't know the prayer, tell them they can follow in their minds as you say it :) You could also just make a statement in a crowded place, like a mall or something, just announce: "I'm going to say the Lord's Prayer for Peace in the World; please feel free to join me!" And just pray it aloud. It will take SECONDS and do IMMEASURABLE GOOD! When you're done, smile and walk away praising God in your heart!

Posts can be made here of where it's being done, how it's being received, others that have been influenced by it. Imagine if this spread over the world what GOOD it would do!?!?!? Surely God in His Mercy would look down kindly on our efforts! Isn't that worth doing? :)

I am housebound, but I will post this where ever I can ... I will rely on you good folks to carry this through where ever you are ... all over the world ... FOR THE WORLD, but ultimately for God's Divine Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven!!!

May God bless this endeavor and all involved with peace, courage and the strength to carry it out, as together, we unite to call down mercy on the World and unite all peoples everywhere in God's Love & Mercy!

Please click the link and join the FaceBook page .. 
post your interactions, videos, comments or support!

There's been several videos of 'flash evangelization' posted on FB .. was just thinking ... anyone with a cam could also use it for this and we can post the videos ... in fact, perhaps we can make it a CONTEST!?!??! .. the best FLASH PATER'S FOR PEACE Video at the end of the 1st 4 months here, will get a free Battlebeads Rosary! :)

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