Friday, October 7, 2011

Pope Leo's Prophetic Letter Gives us the Plan for TODAY!

How many of us are truly immersed enough in the Faith with a rock solid prayer life to be able to truly STAND FIRM should push come to shove in our society today? Are we too busy with our daily lives to brush aside the words we've heard from our Popes and approved Church visionaries? We are at a very important place in history .. both in the secular world and most certainly in the religious world. The fence will soon be violently shaken. My heart aches for those that still feel they are seated firmly on what flimsy beliefs will most certainly land them on one side or the other. We MUST pray the words of the USA Chaplet:  
"... strengthen the faithful, renew the lukewarm, restore the fallen away and CONVERT THE PROUD."
So nice to plan for things and it's well understandable to want to see children graduate, get married, have families and do all good things that are normal here .. IF we weren't at the time and place that we're AT right now. The lines are being drawn... HAVE been drawn, it remains only for the 'Word' to be given from He Who has earth as His footstool to set the ball in motion.
I do NOT speak of the 'end of the world'. But I DO believe we're poised at the precipice and will have to stand firm for our beliefs very shortly and that it WILL *cost* us ... perhaps even dearly. Are we grounded and rooted enough in our Faith? Do we think that perhaps weekly Mass and YEARLY Confession is ENOUGH to get us through a persecution time? If so, then we do ourselves a grave disservice. We MUST have a strong, steady and secure prayer life.
If we truly love our God, then why not seek after Him as we would an earthly love. I've said it many times before ... we give more time to our hobbies than to He Who gave us life and salvation through the glory and passion of our dear Lord Jesus! And we fully expect to have Jesus jump through any hoop we demand of Him at our beck and call. How do we treat folks who only approach us when they want something from us?
Anyway, I'm not telling folks anything they don't already KNOW ... I'm merely pointing out the OBVIOUS and hoping that folks will begin to take things more seriously because I believe TIME IS of the essence. Perhaps the Illumination is around the corner. Perhaps our own individual end is around the corner ... either way, don't you want to be ready so that it doesn't surprise you like a thief in the night? So take stock people ... trim your wicks, carry extra oil and keep watch ..... just like the little sign in the side view mirror says: "Things are closer than they seem."

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