Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Very Sad Day Indeed - Corapi Appears Guilty :-(

I'm about to head into prayer but wanted to get just a few lines out regarding John Corapi's situation. His order SOLT, has apparently pronounced that the allegations are true and further more there was cohabitation for years, both in California and Montana. My heart is wounded from this. I know that many feel the same way. He did so much good and was SO loved and respected. This seems like a personal attack on each one of us individually and not just collectively. Satan is having a field day ... I would HOPE & PRAY that *SOMETHING* or *SOMEONE* can turn up *SOMETHING* that might be a bit redeeming ... but it doesn't look hopeful ... BUT God can do all things and as Corapi always said ... He can bring about a greater good from something bad. More from the following links ... I have to pray now :-(


No one has any idea what it does to my to write this :-(


  1. Prayers are needed for all concerned. But, before we go saying that Corapi is guilty this is only an announcement from his superiors. This announcement provides no proof of guilt. It's a claim to possess a body of evidence without providing such evidence. Don't you think that this is more than a little coincidental that this statement occurred after Corapi decided to speak publicly about how his case was being treated? To me it is an obvious act of retaliation.

  2. Hi Teresa and thanks for visiting and leaving your comment! Well this is really a sordid mess indeed! I guess only God and Father really know all the truth and perhaps that's all who SHOULD know. For our part, we need to not get caught up in the hoopla. We need to pray, trust and do penance. I must say the one thing that disturbs me about it all is the obedience issue. I'm sure glad I don't have to judge this. We know satan has some cronies in the Church so there's a chance that Corapi's being targeted cuz he's good at what he does ... winning souls for Jesus. However, I can't dismiss his connection and supposed advice to Fr. Thomas Euteneuer and how that ended up. A MOST disheartening situation this! Nope, I'm leaving this up to Fr. Corapi and and God ... that's where it SHOULD be. I pray that Fr. Corapi and all priests, religious, clergy and lay receive the grace required to be the servants God desires! God bless! :)